Frankenstein Family

Alt titles: Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days, Shiyan Pin Jiating

TV (12 eps x 16 min)
2.789 out of 5 from 605 votes
Rank #6,054

Tanisu's parents are mad scientists who live outside of normal society. They locked up their own children up on an isolated island and did experiments on them in secret, turning Tanisu's older brother and three older sisters into strange creatures. One day, their parents were arrested, and the siblings were moved to another island by the welfare office. The trouble is that none of the siblings except Tanisu know how to interact in modern day society...

Source: Crunchyroll

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Frankenstein Family

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aeab32's avatar
aeab32 Jun 30, 2018
Score 10/10

The story is a about a family of misfits trying to live in the ordinary world. It tells about their own worries and struggles about trying to fit in and how they can sometimes overcome their fears and become the heros in their own lives. It also has a main theme of whether to trust people outside of the family. The characters are unique and together they make a wonderful story about trust and relationships with... read more

Inu230's avatar
Inu230 Jan 31, 2019
Score 8/10

Ever think you've got the wierdest family? This anime will show you just how wrong you are. A group of genetically altered people find themselves living under the same roof, tryign to hid their abilites and co-exist with "regular" humans. "Normal" problems like unrequited love, one sided crushes, food etique, acceptable social behavior [from honorifics to public nudity] and basic manners... read more


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