Flying Witch

Flying Witch Episode 7 - Café Concrucio

Makoto, Kei, Chinatsu, and Nao go herb picking in the mountains. Chinatsu enjoys picking the herbs but not eating them. However, Akane told her that she can't be a good witch if she's picky with food. She makes an effort to eat some herbs, but they are too bitter for her. To help relieve the bitterness, Akane suggests paying a visit to a nearby cafe to grab a slice of cake.

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AnnaSartin AnnaSartin says

Laid back series about teenagers with a foot in the supernatural world who come to live with distant relatives in a rural community. 

NatiBerry NatiBerry says

Its a captivating anime that shows friendship and family ties combined with magic.

I love the chill nature of the characters, the ville landscapes are definitely places where I would like to be <3

hamletsmage hamletsmage says

Both of these supernatural anime are set in rural Japan, and both are fairly calming anime. If you like the rural slice-of-life feel with a touch of magic, both of these anime have that to spare. Both also have teenage protagonists that are still learning about the world of myth and magic around them. 



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AnnaSartin AnnaSartin says

Although Barakamon doesn't have the supernatural elements of "Flying Witch", both slice-of-life series possess a similar laid back countryside atmosphere that viewers of the SOL genre are sure to enjoy.

hotspot hotspot says

Both anime are a slice of life anime, that are slow paced, but have lots of comedy and action at the same time. They're both feel good anime's.

animeAA animeAA says

Similar feel to these shows: both are slow-paced and character-driven, taking place in a countryside setting. Both series shine through the humor of their quirky character cast.

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Osiummaster Osiummaster says

Both extremely relaxing anime with no huge dillemas for the main characters. While Flying Witch is a lot in a family scenario, Tanaka is almost always in a school setting. Both animes give off a very chill vibe.

hotspot hotspot says

Not only did both of these anime air at the same time, but they both have a very gentle, calm and slow pace. With plenty of comedy to go around!

zivoy zivoy says

how doesn't love lazy and clueless people, both of these shows are awsome!

p.s. al hail laziness, magic is great.