Flowering Heart

TV (26 eps x 15 min)
3.336 out of 5 from 130 votes
Rank #3,997

Ari is a cute 12-year old elementary school student who likes to dress up and look good. The most important thing to Ari is the Problem Solving Club. With brainy Soo-ha and athletic Min, she creates the Problem Solving Club in order to “help people in need as an after-school activity!” Then one day, Ari gets a magical power that allows transformation. By helping people in trouble she successfully collects Hopeful Energy. Meanwhile, the transmission of Hopeful Energy into the World of Magic throws a wrench into Queen Canaby’s plan to dominate the World of Magic with Hopeless Energy. Will Ari and her friends be able to use Hopeful Energy from the human world to restore the World of Magic’s Light of Happiness?

Source: Iconix

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awesomeseira's avatar
awesomeseira Mar 22, 2019
Score 8/10

This is my first time watching anime created by Koreans (it can be called anime right? hehe). If you want to watch something that is not that heavy and has a light ambiance, this is recommended. Well, I won't lie, the characters are cute and I heard somewhere that the name of one character in here is Trump HAHAHA. read more

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