Flavors of Youth

Alt title: Shikioriori

Movie (1 ep x 74 min)
3.665 out of 5 from 1,156 votes
Rank #2,486
Flavors of Youth

Memories in a bowl of steaming noodles, a fading beauty finding her way and a bittersweet first love -- all in these stories of city life in China.

Source: Netflix

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ksensei Aug 6, 2018
Score 7/10

Flavors of youth tells three different stories of youth set in different cities of China and the film takes you on three contemplative and fascinating stories around past and lost youth.
The animation/art is really good and I really liked the chinese vibes of the story. BUT I wonder if there is any better topic of choice besides modeling and fashion when it comes to stories about women. This is why my... read more

aeab32's avatar
aeab32 Sep 10, 2018
Score 10/10

This anime consists of three different stories about youth and the importance of friendship and family. It is an anime which has happy and weepy moments. The characers are well developed in the short space of time. read more


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