Five Star Stories

OVA (1 ep x 66 min)
3.212 out of 5 from 573 votes
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The Joker Cluster is a group of 4 solar systems, inhabited by thousands of countries and millions of people. Amongst the kingdoms, men called Headd Liners pilot mecha known as Mortar Headd, which are also manned by fatima, android women who act as the bridge between the machine and its pilot. Ladios Sopp is a young man on his way to an android auction, where he hopes to retrieve a fatima from his past, Lachesis. But retrieving her will be no easy task, and along the way, he will meet new friends and make new enemies before reaching his goal.

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sothis Mar 14, 2005
Score 8/10

To say that Five Star Stories’ story is expansive would be the understatement of the year. Based on a manga that has lasted well over a decade, this hour-long OVA covers what leads up to the most massive war of mankind – or so the story claims. I haven’t read the manga, but quite frankly, I might just do so after seeing this a few times. Without a doubt, I’ve never seen many things... read more

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thor123 Jan 8, 2016
Score 5.2/10

The Five Star Stories is an OVA that came out in 1989, based on a still "ongoing" manga that started in 1986 (for as far as you can call it ongoing, with only one volume being released in over 10 years). Given those circumstances, you can only expect the OVA to be an introduction to the series: it only adapts 1 Japanese volume (or 3 of the North-American volumes).  So, is the story here any... read more

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