Fist of the North Star

Alt title: Hokuto no Ken

Fist of the North Star

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Season 4 (Subbed)

  • Episode 109

    Episode 109

    Conclusion of the Final Chapter - Now Revealed!! The 2000 Year History of the North Star!!

  • Episode 108

    Episode 108

    Farewell, the Brothers of the North Star! They're Beyond Love and Sorrow!!

  • Episode 107

    Episode 107

    Showdown at the North Star Mind and Body Training Ground! No One Can Stop Them Now!!

  • Episode 106

    Episode 106

    Raoh, Shaken by a Nightmare! Yuria, You Are the Only One!!

  • Episode 105

    Episode 105

    Protect the Merciful Mother of the South Star! Even If It's the End of the Five Chariots!!

  • Episode 104

    Episode 104

    Fudo, the Gentle Warrior! His Tears Awaken a Fiery Soul!!

  • Episode 103

    Episode 103

    A Challenge From the Devil! Fudo, Be the Demon for Those You Love!!

  • Episode 102

    Episode 102

    Raoh, the Confused Giant! I Don't Believe in Love!!

  • Episode 101

    Episode 101

    Is It the End of Raoh and His Ambitions? The Heaven Hesitates Once Again!!

  • Episode 100

    Episode 100

    The Ultimate Secret Technique, Unconscious Transmigration! Raoh, I've Got You Now!!

  • Episode 99

    Episode 99

    Sadness of the Five Chariot Stars! Love and Destiny Looms Over the Woman!!

  • Episode 98

    Episode 98

    The Capital of the South Star Trembles! The Two Brothers of the North Star Finally Arrive!!

  • Episode 97

    Episode 97

    Farewell Yuria! A Strong Man Will Not Speak of Love, Even in Death!!

  • Episode 96

    Episode 96

    Juza Falls! I'll Give My Life to Protect the Woman I Love

  • Episode 95

    Episode 95

    Treacherous Quicksand! Will the Hand of Salvation Reach Fudo?

  • Episode 94

    Episode 94

    Fudo in Peril!! Hurry, Ken. A Man Must Not Abandon His Friends!!

  • Episode 93

    Episode 93

    Juza vs Raoh! An End of the Legend of the Invincible!!

  • Episode 92

    Episode 92

    Juza of the Clouds Resurrects! I Have No Fear for Raoh!!

  • Episode 91

    Episode 91

    The Clouds Remain! The Masked General is Finally Revealed!!

  • Episode 90

    Episode 90

    I Am Juza of the Clouds! I Shall Move with the Flow of Time!!

  • Episode 89

    Episode 89

    The Crisis is Near! Destiny Awaits at the Capital of the South Star!

  • Episode 88

    Episode 88

    The Five Chariot Stars Approach Kenshiro! Who Are You, Fudo?!

  • Episode 87

    Episode 87

    Five Chariot Stars in Danger! Raoh Has Finally Pierced Through the Flames!!

  • Episode 86

    Episode 86

    The Burning Crimson Brigade! Shuren Is Drenched In Tears of Flame!!

  • Episode 85

    Episode 85

    Preclude to a Deathmatch! The Screams of Hyui of the Wind Echoes in the Heaven!!

  • Episode 84

    Episode 84

    The South Star Strikes Back! The Wind Brigade Protects the Last General of the South Star!!

  • Episode 83

    Episode 83

    Conclusion of Part Four: Raoh Must Die! The Legend Turns to Terror!!

Season 3 (Subbed)

  • Episode 82

    Episode 82

    Holy Emperor Souther!! Your Deep Affection Consumes You In Love!

  • Episode 81

    Episode 81

    Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist! The Heaven Only Bestows Cruel Destinies

  • Episode 80

    Episode 80

    Yuda of the South Star Crimson Crane Fist! His Beautiful Smile Calls For Tragedy!!

  • Episode 79

    Episode 79

    Rei of the South Star Waterfowl Fist! Was a Man Who Died For His Friends!!

  • Episode 78

    Episode 78

    Shin of the South Star Sacred Fist! Risked Your Life For Love That Never Will!!

  • Episode 77

    Episode 77

    Conclusion of Part Three: Let the New Age Awaken! The Wolf's Howl Moves the Heaven!

  • Episode 76

    Episode 76

    An Iron Fist for the Roaring Wolf! Toki is in Danger!!

  • Episode 75

    Episode 75

    Forgive Me, My Sister! I Am Destined to Clash with the North Star!!

  • Episode 74

    Episode 74

    A Wolf Running in the Horizon! There Lies the End of Love and Hatred!

  • Episode 73

    Episode 73

    Ryuga of Sirius! I'll Seize the Rainbow in Tempest!!

  • Episode 72

    Episode 72

    Farewell, Toki! A Man Only Cries Once!!

  • Episode 71

    Episode 71

    The Secret of Origin Revealed! The Heaven Prefers Tragedy!!

  • Episode 70

    Episode 70

    The Other Divine Fist of the North Star! Drive Raoh to Oblivion!!

  • Episode 69

    Episode 69

    Critical Times of the North Star! Three Brothers of Fate on the Move!!

  • Episode 68

    Episode 68

    Souther, The Despondent Holy Emperor! You Are Weary From Love!!

  • Episode 67

    Episode 67

    Clash of the Polar Stars, Ken vs. Souther! My Star is the Only Protector of Heaven!!

  • Episode 66

    Episode 66

    Run Kenshiro! Another Comrad is About to Die!!

  • Episode 65

    Episode 65

    The Bloody Cross Mausoleum! Shu! I'll Catch Your Tears With My Heart!!

  • Episode 64

    Episode 64

    A Bloody Battle, Shu vs. Souther! Love, Drowned in the Tears of the Star of Benevolence!!

  • Episode 63

    Episode 63

    Young Hero Challenges His Fate! Your Screaming Soul Shall Move the Heave

  • Episode 62

    Episode 62

    I Am Souther, the Holdy Emperor! I Disallow Love and Compassion!

  • Episode 61

    Episode 61

    Love on the Battlefield! Must the Time Tear Love Apart!?

  • Episode 60

    Episode 60

    Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist! What Will You Witness in the End of the Century?!

  • Episode 59

    Episode 59

    The Star of Darkness Engulfs the Heavens! Time Evolves Beyond the Deathmatch!

  • Episode 58

    Episode 58

    Beginning of Part Three: Supreme Rules in Turbulence! As the South Star Fades, the North Star Appears

Season 2 (Subbed)

  • Episode 57

    Episode 57

    End of Part Two: Farewell, Rei! Heroic Legend Will Be Told Throughout the Ages

  • Episode 56

    Episode 56

    Beautiful Warriors, Rei Vs. Yuda! A Man's Passage Needs to Tears!

  • Episode 55

    Episode 55

    Rei, Are You On Your Way to Death? A Man is Beautiful Than Ever!!

  • Episode 54

    Episode 54

    Beloved Mamiiya! The Death Omen Star Lurks Behind the Sparkle in Your Eyes!

  • Episode 53

    Episode 53

    The Death Omen Star Looms! Rei! How Cruel Time Passes By!

  • Episode 52

    Episode 52

    Yuda of the South Star Six Sacred Fist! I'm the Most Beautiful!!

  • Episode 51

    Episode 51

    Fate Without Tomorrow! And yet, A Woman Believes in Love!!

  • Episode 50

    Episode 50

    72 Hours to Live! The Death Omen Star Drags Rei In!!

  • Episode 49

    Episode 49

    The Greatest Battle in History. Raoh vs. Ken! You're the One to Die!!

  • Episode 48

    Episode 48

    Explosion of Secret Techniques! Beyond Hatred is the Fate for the Brothers of the North Star

  • Episode 47

    Episode 47

    The South Star Waterfowl Fist's Dance of Death! I'll Give My Life for Love!!

  • Episode 46

    Episode 46

    Voices from Hell! Rei, Did You See the Death Omen Star?

  • Episode 45

    Episode 45

    Those Who Fear the Reaper! Listen to the Voice of Lin's Fiery Soul!

  • Episode 44

    Episode 44

    The Death Omen Star Shines! Ken-Oh, Do You Control Even Death!?

  • Episode 43

    Episode 43

    The Fall of Cassandra! The Myth of the North Star is Rewritten!

  • Episode 42

    Episode 42

    Century's End With No Tomorrow! Ken, I've Been Waiting For You!

  • Episode 41

    Episode 41

    The North Star's 2000 Years of Tragedy! I Can Hear Ken-Oh's Footsteps!

  • Episode 40

    Episode 40

    Villains Need No Tombstones! This is Cassandra in Hell!!

  • Episode 39

    Episode 39

    A Heinous Legacy! The Gate to Cassandra Has Opened!!

  • Episode 38

    Episode 38

    Crimson Orchid Mountain Fist! A Birth of a Tragic Woman!!

  • Episode 37

    Episode 37

    Love, I Reject! For I Bear the Cursed Star of Death!!

  • Episode 36

    Episode 36

    Don't Look Back! Hate Only Evil and Strike Toki!!

  • Episode 35

    Episode 35

    The Evil One! Toki, Your Heart is Completely Rotten!!

  • Episode 34

    Episode 34

    Toki, Are You an Angel or a Devil?!

  • Episode 33

    Episode 33

    This is the Village of Miracles! A Fallen Angel Has Arrived!

  • Episode 32

    Episode 32

    Four Strikes of Fury! Jagi, Wait For Me In Hell!!

  • Episode 31

    Episode 31

    The Iron Mask from Hell! The Fiend Who Calls Himself

  • Episode 30

    Episode 30

    Destiny Looms Near! Jagi, Who Are You?

  • Episode 29

    Episode 29

    Too Late to Beg for Mercy! Go to Hell, Emperor Fang!

  • Episode 28

    Episode 28

    Rei! I'll Catch Your Tears With My Fist!!

  • Episode 27

    Episode 27

    Only the Evil Laugh! I Can't Stand the World We Live In!!

  • Episode 26

    Episode 26

    Tremble as You Sleep! Villains in the Valley of Night Mist!

  • Episode 25

    Episode 25

    Sinners! Thy Name is Fang Clan!!

  • Episode 24

    Episode 24

    South Star Wtaerfowl Fist! The Beginning of a Tragedy of Men Too Strong!!

  • Episode 23

    Episode 23

    Part Two: The Tumultuous Dragon and Tiger! Only Battles Waits for Me?!

Season 1 (Subbed)

  • Episode 22

    Episode 22

    Conclusion of Part One: Yuria Forever... and Shin!!

  • Episode 21

    Episode 21

    The Evil Palace Aflame! One Last Step to Shin!

  • Episode 20

    Episode 20

    A Nightmare Battle! My Fist is a Million Volts!

  • Episode 19

    Episode 19

    Villains! Have Your One-Way Ticket to Death!

  • Episode 18

    Episode 18

    Life of Death!? Beyond the Wasteland Lie the First Avenue of Hell!

  • Episode 17

    Episode 17

    A Man Lives to Fight! The Door to the Showdown Opens!

  • Episode 16

    Episode 16

    Villains, Want to Try Singing? Hell's Counting Rhyme!!

  • Episode 15

    Episode 15

    Try Counting to Three! You're the One To Die!!

  • Episode 14

    Episode 14

    A Miserable Era! The Good Die So Young!!

  • Episode 13

    Episode 13

    Arhat Deva Fist! Once Released, There's No Stopping It!!

  • Episode 12

    Episode 12

    I Am Death Itself!! I'll Chase You to the Ends of Hell!!

  • Episode 11

    Episode 11

    Villains!! Listen to the Blues of Hell!!

  • Episode 10

    Episode 10

    Inverse Raging Fire Punch! There Are Too Many Who Deserve to Die!!

  • Episode 9

    Episode 9

    Villains! Finish Your Prayers Before You Die!

  • Episode 8

    Episode 8

    Strike the Hidden Power Point! There's No Requiem for the Wicked

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7

    Villains! How About Counting Down to Your Own Death?!

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6

    The Devil's Hit List. Find the Man with the 7 Scars!

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5

    Can the Flames of Love Burn in Hell? You Don't Even Know You're Already Dead!!

  • Episode 4

    Episode 4

    Attack the Bloody Cross! The Secret Technique, Death by Soft Strikes

  • Episode 3

    Episode 3

    In the City Without Light, a Lone Fist Burns! The Furious Death by the Five Exploding Fingers

  • Episode 2

    Episode 2

    The Fist of Lingering Regret and Certain Death!! The Future is Sighted in the Barren Wasteland!!

  • Episode 1

    Episode 1

    God or Devil? The Mightiest Man Appears in Hell