Alt title: Uchiage Hanabi, Shita Kara Miru ka? Yo Kara Miru ka?

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
2.953 out of 5 from 2,107 votes
Rank #6,344

Shy Norimichi and fast-talking Yusuke, are goo-goo-eyed over the same elusive classmate, Nazuna. But Nazuna, unhappy over her mother's decision to remarry and leave their countryside town, plans to run away and has secretly chosen Norimichi to accompany her. When things don't go as planned, Norimichi discovers that a glowing multi-color ball found in the sea has the power to reset the clock and give them a second chance to be together. But each reset adds new complications and takes them farther and farther away from the real world - until they risk losing sight of reality altogether.

Source: GKids

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First some items I need to adress. I'm Dutch to expect some spelling errors, if they are to annoying just message me and I'll fix it. My opinion may vary from others and this is fine. People are different so there is a good chance that I will not like what you love. Deal with it. I'm not telling you that you should hate it too, I'm telling you why I didn't like it. I'll try to keep swearing to a minimum but fail utterly on occasion. In general it is the more the anime pisses me off the more I swear so watch out for the low scored ones. Art: Usually the budget for movies is much higher than series so they can spend more money on this. Sadly it doesn't show on the screen. While it is certainly not bad, I expected better and I was particularly disappointed by the CGI. I'm realist enough to know that CGI is here to stay and when used right it can be gorgeous to look at. Here is mostly sucks. Sound: No real complaints actually, it's pretty ok. Voice actors are good and I don't remember any music either. This is how I generally prefer my anime. Characters: The main character is Norimichi. He spends his days pining after Nazuna and tries to work up the courage to tell her how he feels about her. Nazuna is a young girl who hates her mother for remarrying after her father died a year before. She seeks a way out and Norimichi may be her ticket. Story. Norimichi spends his days in school pining after his classmate Nazuna and tries to work up the courage to tell her how she feels. He then learns that her mother is remarrying and that they are moving away. While the town prepares for a fireworks festifal, Nazuna en Norimichi, try to get away from it all. Rant. The biggest failing this anime has is that it is extremely boring. The plot revolved around Norimichi and Nazuna, where Nazuna wants to escape the fact that her mother is remarrying. Not willing to comply to het mothers' wishes she decides to run away from home and uses Norimichi to succeed. Meanwhile she found a marble in the ocean, which has the power to bend time and space. Norimichi uses it to keep changeing the way things turn out. This could work just fine if not for one little detail: you have to care fore the characters. Unfortunately they are badly or barely worked out. With the exception of the 2 main charaters you know next to nothing about anyone. Even the main characters are more or less blanc slates. The problem is the time warping element as it resets the day a number of times. So you get the same part of the day multiple times with slight variations. So while you are watching that there is less time for character development or character explenations. Charaters are reduced to stereotypes such as the best friend, the big guy, the nerdy looking guy, etc. I need more to care for anyone. The marble gizmo comes out of nowhere. Nazuna just finds it in the ocean and it just happens to have the power to warp time and space. At one point you see how her father died and in a few frames it is visible that her father is holding the marble. This would have worked in the anime if it had been set up in the beginning. Her father is out on the ocean, gets caught in a massive storm and the ship goes down. With his dying breath he pulls out the marble and makes a wish to his daughter. Go to one year later and she finds it and you go: "Oh, the marble is powered by her fathers' dying wish or ghost. Cool." While the anime isna't horribly bad it could have been so much better. Instead it is just meh.

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