Figure 17

TV (13 eps x 46 min)
- 2002
Spring 2001
3.537 of 5 from 806 votes
Rank #2,928

While transporting bio-weapon lifeforms, Agent DD, member of an alien police force, is forced to crash land on Earth. Amidst the chaos of the crash, a bio-weapon escapes and DD is forced to fight it, while accidentally activating a Liberus, a liquid battle suit. Tsubasa, a shy girl, unwillingly comes into contact with the Liberius and is thereafter forced to fight for the survival of Earth.

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AngryJellyfish's avatar
AngryJellyfish Jan 3, 2016
Score 8/10

Story Primary school girl moves from Tokyo to Hokkaido on account of her single father deciding to go there to train as a baker. Cute slice-of-life scenes ensue! And for the majority of each double-length episode, that's all there is to the story – Tsubasa goes to school, plays sports, does homework assignments, watches cows being born and stuff like that, all the while accompanied by her... read more

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roriconfan Jun 2, 2012
Score 6.5/10

Remember in Cardcaptor Sakura where the slice of life moments and the character interactions were the only thing that mattered? It was also a mahou shojo show but the battles were just fluff, an excuse to see Sakura in moe clothes and for Shaoran to be tagging along for some reason. Well Figure 17 is also like that; it has action and a somewhat serious premise but it ends up being good only for its... read more

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Figure 17
  • Vol: 2; Ch: 17
  • 2001 - 2002



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