Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!!

Alt title: Juuden-Chan

TV (12 eps)
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Sadness be gone! Though depressed people are scattered across the world, there are those from a parallel world that are here to help. Known as Juuden-chan, these busty ladies use their special powers to charge up the mentally dejected and earn a living in the process. Aresta and Plug are two Juuden-chan who, while performing their duties, discover a boy named Sento. However, he’s different than most humans: unlike the rest of mankind, Sento can actually see them. Now, in addition to their duties helping the depressed, Plug and Aresta must juggle watching their favorite hentai, getting into trouble, and being hit by Sento’s bat which causes them to urinate and become aroused. Perversions abound for these two rubber suit-wearing, otherworldly beauties!

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I am a bit confused at what to think about this anime. On one side it is yet another brain dead ecchi show with ludicrous story and over the top situations and on the other it has one of the rarest things you will ever encounter in an ecchi show. That thing is called Sento and he is the lead male in the show. He is also my hero <3You know how it is with these harem / indecisive leads. They are this lame-crybaby-eunuch-incapable of making a simple decision creatures and who are always being whacked on the head or in the crotch by these obnoxious underage girls who love him and this is the only way to show their affection to our clueless detective. It has been done as such since the whole genre was conceived in the mind of some anti-social gynophobic male and it has been copied endlessly ever since by practically all the other similar shows that followed. It is now so overused and stamped into most modern anime that it is dreadfully unappealing, hated and mocked by any demanding viewer/reader.And then Sento comes along. He carries this baseball bat and every time he is even slightly annoyed by the girls, he immediately clubs them with it and sends them flying. This felt so original that I got gay for a few seconds. Yes people; Sento is one of the very, very few anime males who is not afraid to club lolis just for the heck of it AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT. It was about time for us dudes to fight back and take revenge for all those millions of wimps modern anime are so full of. CLUB THOSE BITCHES, YEAH! This is played out as a parody of the stereotype of course. Sento is just a character conceived to make fun of exactly that, which it why I liked him for being the decisive-direct-bold alpha male that anime are so deprived of (meaning an anti-shounen lead). Other than that, unfortunately there isn’t anything else special about him. Despite his edgy temper and fetish for clubbing, he is otherwise the good-hearted teenager who helps girls with their problems and he simply bitch-clubs them instead of allowing them to crotch-kick him. The joke repeats too much and for too long and eventually even this SO GREAT feature is not enough to make him a great character.That leads us to the victims of his attacks. Those violent never satisfied, always cranky, impossible to understand alien mutants … called anime girls. These creatures with brains small as peanuts and boobs bigger than my annual tax sum are always there to cause trouble even when they want to help. You know how it is with harems and ecchis; they appear out of nowhere, demand to stay in the lead’s apartment and have a huge problem staying dressed or not pulverizing him every 30 seconds for some impossible to understand reason. Well, not in this show. They have this huge weapon that electrocutes people with millions of volts yet are unable to stand a simple club swing. CLUB THOSE BITCHES, YEAH! As the territory demands, these girls need a simple excuse to just swarm the lead; the premise of which becomes crazier and crazier as years go by. I mean at first it was just a transfer student to some school meeting chicks but after it became too simple, the girls now pop in his life by dropping from space, being summoned from alternative dimensions, appearing out of soda cans, are found naked in the garbage, are offered as presents in a box, are transformed from animals, are created as slaves, and so on and so on. In this case, the excuse is that the girls are guardian angels dressed in tight latex, with cables popping out of their asses and with mission to electrocute people who are depressed and in need of recharge of positive energy. Plus, they are invisible to most. They also make rookie mistakes in a position where peoples’ lives are at stake, so they are not exactly doing a good job. Surely, the story is nothing but a stupid excuse as usual to have some chicks doing some unimportant thing before for not much of a reason are found naked, or groped, or in our special case, clubbed hard (YEAH). As far as personalities goes, they are just simplistic archetypes without much of development. The main four are the airhead small-breasted Plug, the megane big-breasted Alester, their main antagonist an annoying loli, and a mahou shoujo heroine on some tv anime who gets violated by tentacles every 30 seconds. And some other bimbos in the background. And that is pretty much all of it. Nothing we haven’t seen before or bother to remember later on.What DOES make it special and probably the only thing you will remember about them is their inability to hold in their pee. Really, every time they are exited, scared, hit, whatever, THEY PISS THEMSELVES. Even the camera zooms to their legs to make sure we don’t miss it. What kind of a disgusting trope is this? I mean, ok, it is original in a way but that does not automatically make it likable. I’m sure some urine-lovin’ perverts out there will love it but for most of us low-level anti-social gynophobics, peeing your pants is repulsive. And yeah, it is again some parody on the genre but, like the clubbing (YEAH) part, it repeats too much to the point you just see it happening for the sake of happening. So there you have it; what you will most likely remember from this anime is a guy hitting women dressed in tight spandex, who are then urinating themselves from pain (and later on from pleasure). I give the makers some credit (and value in the scores) for having the guts to create something a bit out of the ordinary. But on the other hand, I find repulsive how the only experimentation this genre ever gets is gradually more deviant fetishes and bolder erotic humor. No wonder that Youth Ordinance Bill came out to stop them before gangrape by three headed gorillas becomes a must in all broad daylight anime… for little kids.You know what? It’s not as if I don’t like brain dead works full of deviance and erotic humor. I have in my collection titles such as Club to Death Angel (yeah, more clubbing) and Puni Puni Poemi. The thing is, those were short OVA works while this anime is a 12 episode tv series. I am sure it would work a lot better as a short feature as well, since its humor and story are quite narrowed in execution and the whole thing wouldn’t need more than 3 episodes to cover up everything. Stretching it to 12 made it tiresome, as the clubbing and the pissing were occurring all the time (and that only by assuming you could tolerate the pissing). Plus, it is a tv series. WHERE IS THE WORLD GOING TO? Bottom line, I liked the whole “CLUB THOSE BITCHES, YEAH!” element for a few episodes and I was more than willing to accept the urine thing. But the show went on to repeat itself instead of going for something else and thus ended up overstaying its welcome. Not to mention how the story is plain ludicrous and the characters not interesting. Nice twist to a tired formula but nothing much to make it worthy in the longrun. Oh and if anyone cares about this minor fact after all this wall of text, animation and sound are average with some quality being found only in the nude scenes (as if we didn’t expect that).


I think we can all use a Charge Girl every now and then Here's review number 3, and this one is very much a landmark from my point of view. That's because I'd have to say that of all the anime I've watched this may well be the most underrated. Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!! is great, plain and simple. Typically I put a lot of emphasis on characters and character progression, but this is one series where I've given some leeway in that respect. The male lead, Sento-san, is the only real dynamic character. The female lead, Plug, is your typical clumsy type and while extremely important to the series, she's not particularly compelling I'm sorry to say. However, the reason I am able to overlook this fact is that the story is magnificent. It all starts with a great concept, the so-called "Charge Ladies” that save people from their depression. And then the story develops as Plug slowly shifts from being an outcast amongst the "Charge Ladies" to in many ways the leader-of-the-pack. And anyone with a heartbeat will have their heart-strings tugged upon during the last few episodes. But most importantly, and this will sound a bit cheesy, the over-arching message is very positive and very evident. As such, the series-within-a-series hentai and the few brief peeing incidents can be forgiven. Overall, there are definitely some obvious short-comings in this series, but I forgive them all at least enough as to give Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!! a 7.5 out of 10 (generous but I just really liked the story).

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