Feng Ling Yu Xiu - Reviews

Alt titles: Soulmate Adventure, Spirit Wind Elegance

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Mar 23, 2021

Feng Ling Yu Xiu is one of those hidden diamonds we step upon from time to time.

it started as a music video on the chinese video website BiliBili and through crowdfunding it sprung into a pretty wonderfull 12 ep donghua, with cute loveble characters, some classic kung fu fights and a overall interesting plot.

The plot followns the 2 girls Feng Ling and Bai Yuxiu, adventures around the world of Jianghu full of kung fu masters, complicated conspiracies and rather whinsy laws of gravity. In shor terms a classic Wuxia setting. 

For those wha are not familiar with the term, wuxia is the classic chinese swashbuckling genre. Chivalrous martial artists fighting the good fight in a loosely imperial China based world. 

and Feng Ling Yu Xiu does a wonderfull job within the genre, the tropes are all there but they have enough flavor of its on to avoid being dull, simple copy paste of stablished stuff. The pacing is just right, with equal parts, of heartwarming moments and fights. So if you are a fan of SHoujo-ai go for it, the fights never overshadowns the cute dialogs between the 2 girls, if in other hand you are more into watching some flying kung fu don t worry there is plenty of that too. The story its not by any means super original or revolutonary but a good example of nice execution within a genre's boundaries.

The animation is simple but kind cute and fits the mood pretty well, it just suffers from some identity crises that led to inconsistensies in the first 3 or 4 ep, but all the fights are beatifully animated and the last 2/3 goes smootlhy so nothing that really hurst the overall experience. The sound on other hand is perfect, well i dont speak chinese.  But the voice actors never sound mechanic or out of place, the sound effects enhance the fights perfectly and the VA and OST are played right where they should.

The 2 main heroines are perfectly built with believeble personalities, actions and motivations together with a nice development abut their past and relationship. Their chemistry is wonderfull wich leads to both fun and heartwarming moments. Their dinamic is what sets this animation from other material in its genre. The rest of the cast is your all classic wuxia tropes, but as i said before not to the point of being dull. Even if the show doesnt work too much on the rest of the cast, they have enough of its own quirks and motivations to keep the plot moving.

so if you like SHoujo-ai, kung fu or both watch it without fear. Hell, even if you're not into them you'll probably like it.

and dont forget to watch it on its youtube channel to give the creators some support.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Aug 1, 2023

An Underappreciated Show!

Feng Ling Yu Xiu starts off with our 2 main characters: Feng Ling, a thief, and Bai Yuxiu, a skilled martial artist. In the beginning of the show, you follow their journey through a place called Jianghu with a almost peaceful slice of life feeling. But later on you quickly come to see that the main characters get caught up in many different dangerous situations regarding powerful Kung fu masters. Now the girls have to roam around Jianghu while constantly being alert of when they could be attacked.

First I want to say that the fight scenes in this show were beautifully animated. I could see that the fight choreography was complex and well thought out. Every fighting motion was simplistic and smooth. The last few fights toward the end of the show were especially well crafted. I believe that the fight scenes in this show are even better than a lot of animated fighting shows that have came out as well. This is definitely one of the biggest pros in this show.

Not only the fight animations but the overall animation was consistently good throughout. But, the art style on the other hand, had some noticable changes around the first few episodes. (Especially episode 2). I'm going to be totally honest, I was not a huge fan of that. But over time the art style definitely increases in quality and stays more consistant.

Now on to the characters. This may just be me but, the only characters I found interesting in this show are Ling, Yuxiu, and maybe 1-3 side characters. They were actually pretty unique characters. The rest of the teamates / antagonists just kind of felt like stereotypical sidekicks / villains. Some of them do not have strong creative personalities and are really just there for you to either easily like or dislike them. But, I do not believe that this is necessarily a bad thing about this show though. It is really upon your own personal interests.

For sound and for the story, both were actually relatively good. There were a few times when the sound was a little choppy but, overall it was excellent. The story on the other hand was kind of hard to follow. There are a few times where characters start speaking and I am confused about what they are saying or referring to. But I do agree that that may be caused by poor sub translations. The story is actually pretty interesting and fun even if it was sometimes difficult to understand.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this show to someone looking for something new to watch. But, I do not believe that this show is suited for everyone due to many things that they might not be familar with such as the animation and the story. But for the ones that are specifically looking for something fun, engaging, and full of great animated fights, this be a hidden gem.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Apr 8, 2021

A work of art that makes me want to continue watching a great but sometimes hard to follow adventure. This adventure starts out basically near the beginning of the journey at least I think, you don't get introductions to the characters or learn about their past right away but eventually you warm up to them. The animation style is unique and pretty well done, it looks as though it was on canvas like oil paintings you can see a texture as a base that looks like canvas, it seemed weird at first but the story takes place in old China so it fits and it really looks great almost like a moving painting. The story was a bit hard to follow but thats mostly due to poor subs and being in Chinese just makes it a bit more difficult, I cannot fault this anime for having incorrect or sometimes incoherent subs. The story follows a martial artist and a thief who are friends who eventually get roped into a sort of conspiracy, the main appeal to this show are the characters and the action/fight scenes, Yuxiu the main character is a powerful yet very kind martial artist and Ling is a thief who just hangs out with her sometimes causing mischief. The action sequences are really a sight to see and are a joy to watch, during some episodes I kept wanting to continue to see how things played out. 

Overall a fun experience that was a bit hard to follow but kept me coming back for more.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall