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Jan 11, 2019

First, let me start by letting you in on a little secret...Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya is my first Magical Girl anime that I've ever seen so I did not know quite what to expect going into it. Second, I am going to keep this a review short and sweet; in part because I really have nothing to compare this to outside of the original Fate/stay night series. Lastly, there will be no spoilers in this review.


The story is about a young girl named Illyasviel Von Einzbern who always dreamed of what it would be like to be a magic girl. One night she is surprised by a mysterious wand named (Magical) Ruby, who sudden forms a part with her, transforming Illyasviel into a magical girl! With her newly bestowed powers, she must fight and gather magical cards that can take the physical form of past heroes in order to save the world.

Sounds like a typical story? Well, it certainly isn't anything incredible by way of plot, but then again it is a spin-off of an original anime. But the simplicity of it is done so deliberately and is part of the appeal.


SILVER LINK took over for Studio Deen in the Fate/kaleid series and did a solid job at differentiating its appearance from the original series. Simple character design with a decent range of a various of colors and tones being used throughout. It's nothing extra ordinary, however, the series would've been scored higher if I had seen it on Blu-ray or streaming HD. The colors would've popped more, the image banding would've been less, and the line detail would've been more crisp. As an additional mention, the battles themselves were very nicely animated and visually appealing to watch, even on DVD.



The OP and ED were average. They were nothing special and nothing memorable. The music and sounds throughout each episode were appropriate and generally fit each scene or climactic encounter.


Neither the characters and nor their development were the best I've seen. However, I found most of the main (Illyasviel and Miyu) and secondary (Rin, Magical Ruby, and Magical Sapphire) characters to be enjoyable to watch and to like. For a magical girl's wand, Ruby has a spitfire personality that was a riot of laughter at times. The only one who I found absolutely annoying and truly pompous was Luviagelita. Everytime she was on screen I was hoping for her butt to get kicked in battle or by Rin herself.

The two standouts for me on the "card" side of the series were Saber and Berserker, especially Saber. She definitely showcased a truly exuberant amount of power and ability. This was the side of her that was elluded to in the Fate/stay night series.

Final Thoughts

It was just a quick but fun little series. The storyline was simple but it had some heart to it. Magical girl fan or not, I honestly can say that I enjoyed this, certainly more than I thought I would. I believe almost anyone who gives this series a chance would get some casual enjoyment out of it at the very least.


Additional Information:

  • Video Format:  DVD (2014)
  • Audio Format:  English Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Publisher:  Sentai Filmworks
  • Equipment Used:  LG 60UH6550 4K TV, Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar System SB3651-E6, Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-S5200
5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.4/10 overall
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Jun 8, 2016

This show immediately reminded me of Cardcaptor Sakura. It is the same idea, but much shorter and has 2 cute girls. A simple concept of fight the card's soul to recapture it, tossed in with some relation building between the 2 girls. Only 10 eps to a season makes it rather short with not much to say. Not a ton of stuff happens either though due this fact. About half the material is fighting these card spirits, the other 40% on the relation between Illya, Miyu, and the other 10% being at school/home/ or with Ruby/Sapphire/Rin/Luvia.

If you liked Cardcaptors, this is simply a modern day copy. Other than that, nothing unique, but it was still very enjoyable. It is nice to finally see the Cardcaptors type of anime again so that was a big influence to enjoyment.

The choice of characters is pretty typical, with Illya having a thing for her brother, and apparently maids. Miyu being a kuudere, which she says some pretty epic things in the last episode. Rin is a typical tsuntsun, and Luvia the typical himedere. However, Illya was too whiny for being a main character and gave up way too easily. This is the only part that really bugged me.

The graphics for combat were colorful and well done, same for sound/music.

There are about 4 scenes of Illya being naked (no parts showing) and a few suggestive scenes with maids/kissing/incest.

Review of Season 2 ; Scored 9.5
Review of Season 3 ; Scored 8.5
Review of Season 4 ; Scored 7

6/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 12, 2016

Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers-

So this is a spin off to the main Fate Stay Night series and honestly it wasn't terrible, I had high hopes it would be more along the lines of carnival phantasm but this way is also interesting. Yeah it wasn't 10/10 amazing but it had some good areas and it was different.


The story was alright, it was cute and short with not too much depth  but it wasn't boring, there was a bit for everyone and the story we knew all too good from the main series still had a part.  The comedy in the show may only be short little gags but it didn't really have too much effect on the story which was good.


The animation differs from any part of the main series aiming for a more moe approach to the series, aiming for a more cute and fluffy idea behind the otherwise dark series in which it is a spin off to. Overall it wasn't bad, in some sections it felt off and slightly weird but it wasn't bad.


The sound overall wasn't bad, like everything else, just average. No voice acting really stood out to me, they were just as I would expect and overall not badly done. The music was cute as well and fitted  the feel of the anime being quite light and fluffy.


Cute characters and all adds some amusement to the story, the main two were the perfect moe characters. Rin and Luvia were quite good in their parts but I wish Saber had more of a role and not presented as this completely dark character. 

Overall yeah, it was cute and nice thing to watch for the monthly marathon XD


PS: This is for the Monthly Marathon March 2016

6/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jun 15, 2015

What can be said about Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya? How about this story and franchise needs to end, PERIOD! I watched a few series and everytime it seems that the story takes a great story but just tweaks it and recycles the same thing over. I can say that at least this series brings back old characters such as Rin and Shiro.

Well if you seen any of the Fate series you aren't really into any great, in fact I would say skip anything that has to do with Fate/Kaleid all together. The story is a lot worse, instead of fighting for a holy grail as the other Fate series this has to do with Rin and other characters fighting the heros to collect their card. Sounds like a good idea right, wrong its really boring.

Add in the fact that Illya and the other new character to the series are magical girls, which alone really put me off from the series but said I can suffer for 10 episodes. The theme of magical girls in this series doesn't push to move the genre of it along it really just follows the same boring trend. Meet the other main character, next day new character is a classmate, they start to get along, then they hate each other, then they make up, its really the same thing I've seen far too many times.

Getting back to why the story is bad is the way the fights are. I noticed that in this series they seem to have enough time to fight more with each other than fight the enemy for their card. I also didn't like the whole "family friendly story and ending" that this series gave. How about just end it after they were able to get the final card, don't make me suffer through 10+ minutes of them trying to give it an ending.

The animation is really bland, I only really liked the high quailty scenes that normally happened when they were shooting mana at the heroic fighters. Other than that the animation was dull and for the love of anime can you add some detail to the characters?! I'm not a person who needs mind blowing great detail but can you at least draw the characters with a nose, their human not aliens!

The sound was bland, half of the time the sound was great and loud but most of the time the music score was so buried in the background and over powered by dialouge I wondered what was he point of even adding music to the scene? 

The explosions were a joke, I heard better explosions from an M80 going off down the street then in this series. I know its a fictional but with weak sound I couldn't tell if they were doing a really strong attack or just a weak one.

I would give it a zero but since it had characters I give it a one. The characters were horrible. I know they were trying to build them up to something however I just hated the constant bickering between Rin and Luviagelita when Rin wasn't yelling at her wand. Call me shallow or call me a guy who the studio wasn't aiming this series towards the characters sucked and I was hoping they would die at the hands of Saber.

One thing I do wonder, what was the point of Shiro in this series? He was only in 2 episodes, I think Rider had more screen time then he did!

I really think this series caused my white blood cells to turn against me! My advice for the studio is stop rehashing the same idea, stop tweaking it to make it seem new because the one airing in the Spring 2015 line up is really the original just instead of the view point of Shiro and Saber it was more of a view point of Rin and Archer. Even in this series Rin has Archer's card so the studio isn't straying to far from the crap we already know.

Sad to see this series is going to have another season I just wonder is this spin off going tweak the things from Fate/Zero or Fate/Unlimited Blade Works? Only time can tell with this cancer causing series.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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Sep 16, 2014

First, yes.  This anime is an alternate universe of the Fate/Stay franchise.  Given that I haven't watched any of the Fate/Stay franchise and I heard that this would be a good stand alone title, I wanted to see if it was truly stand alone and if it could be enjoyed without any knowledge of the cannon material.  Given its average rating, I didn't expect much from it.  But, for a 10 episode commitment, it seemed like something that I could easily pick up and breeze through in an afternoon.  

I looked through the other reviews (after watching) and they seem to be addressing this series as part of the Fate/Stay franchise and how there was nothing from Fate/Stay in it, thus disappointment.  That's because it is a spin off.  It's meant to stand alone and, though it is difficult to separate them, should be considered as its own.  Its an anime that I would strongly recommend watching - whether or not you've seen any installment of Fate/Stay.  And, if you have seen other Fate/Stay titles, maybe consider watching it with a few months between the cannon and the spinoff.  

This anime was good.  Darn good.  


The themes presented (friendship, family, overcoming trials) are typical for the Magical Girl genre.  The plot can't even really be described as unique either. What's impressive is how the story is delivered.  It was reminiscent of a lot of the classic Magical Girl anime titles, namely Card Captor Sakura and the recent Madoka Majica.  Presenting itself almost as a parody of the Magical Girl genre from the start with all the slapstick comedy and antics.  It dares you to take it lightly.  

Enter the action.  Almost non-stop action.

Every now and then you get a breather of some school life and inner strife.  And then it's right back to the action which is beautifully animated.

The series doesn't waste time with filler.  There wasn't any time to start with.

This series did in 10 episodes what many longer titles fail to do in hundreds: resolve plot lines.  

While secondary cast members are essentially cookiecutter characters, they are still entertaining and development for them isn't really needed.  

There were a few elements that felt contrived for the sake of fan service.  Even when such blatant cliches were tossed into the story, they were well timed and balanced out the darker elements.

Without knowing a lot about the Fate/Stay universe, I was still able to understand everything.  I never felt like I was missing out by not watching the cannon material.  If anything, I wanted to immediately jump into the franchise head first if the action was even half as awesome as what this spinoff contained.

I remember thinking as the final fight ended "now that's how you do it."

This anime did a great job planting little hints early on regarding the darker aspects of the show.  Without spoilers, it was very reminiscent of Madoka Magica, but without the Shaft animation gimmick to make the scenes feel more interesting while dialogue ran.

Instead of feeding you endless descriptions of power ups and battle mechanics, the characters did stuff.  If there was explaining to do, it happened afterwards or short explanations were given amidst the battle.  Enemies weren't dumbed down, the power curve was believable, and the underlying mystery kept the plot moving through the initially cliche Magical Girl introductions.

This anime brings you up to speed with what you expect of a Magical Girl series and then it doesn't hold back.


Clean, crisp, and stunning during the action sequences.  The school scenes fall short with most background characters just standing still in the background, not talking, moving, or doing really anything at all.  I usually care about that.  But everything else was so good, it just didn't even matter this time.  I was too busy trying to keep up with the banter and trying to figure out the little mysteries that were left along the way.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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