Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia

Alt title: Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia

TV (21 eps)
2019 - 2020
Fall 2019
3.954 out of 5 from 2,987 votes
Rank #1,187

2017 AD. Researchers and scholars of both Magecraft and science have been gathered to maintain human civilization under the Chaldea Security Organization. But calculations then proved the extinction of humanity in 2019. The cause is "realms that cannot be observed" that suddenly appeared in various eras of history, called "Singularities." Ritsuka Fujimaru, the one Master remaining in Chaldea, has been intervening within these Singularites, alongside the Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight. He has been attending to the forbidden rituals to resolve or destroy the Singularities: the "Grand Order."

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Hello all! I would like to point out that I have never played the games that this is based on! So this is a review strictly about the anime iteself. With that note, lets jump into it! And forewarning THERE ARE HEAVY SPOILERS HERE!!! One major complaintUnless I am missing WHERE it is, is there somewhere I can see the first 6 sigularities adventures. They refer back to it alot as if it actually happened as an anime, but I cant find it? I personally am interested in watching that, espcially since they brought back some of my old fav servants from screens they showed! Story:Basically you are following Mash and Fujimaru as they go back in time to the "Age Of The Gods" They do actually explain what this means and even refer back to that terms serveral times during the series. Which was nice. Anyways. They go back, and are thrown into an abandoned city full of demonic beasts who just kill to kill, running into a chick who looks like a Rin copypaste from all the other fate series. Honestly why do I even bother with the fact shes one of poster children for the series, so why WOULDNT she be one of the main characters?... Anyways they go to Uruk and meet who we know as "Lancer" but has not yet died, Gilgamesh. Hes as much a pompous asshole as you remember from Fate/Stay Night. Though honestly in this anime hes alot more berable and likable. Our main two meet more servants summond by Gilgamesh and then do chores to gain his attention, I can see the quests just lining up here XD and then they get sent on bigger "quests" and so forthWe End up meeting 3 Goddesses and end up killing the biggest one who then triggers the end of the world with the "goddess of life and creation" and take a few episodes to kill her off through a million different means. Thus the world is saved. The story was easy to follow, you always knew what was going on, and although it was annoying to see Fujimaru basically create a harem around himself with servants, they all had actual personalitys and were well liked enough to keep around. AnimationAnimation during fight scenes? GORGEOUS. Otherwise? I think it kind of depending on what was going on. Sometimes you could see it falter and other times they pulled it off. Also why is everyone suddenly using CGI for big scary monsters? It looks nothing like the anime itself and IMO looks a bit tacky. Just not a fan of CGI that doesnt blend with everything around it.  Sound:Gonna have to give some credit to LelouchieSenpai who also reviewed this anime. The scenes got TOO loud TOO much. Whenever the demonic beasts roared or during a fight scene, the sound levels would got 3-5x that of normal volume and was defeaning. Why? But other than that the sounds themselves for the anime were great and the music was well made.  Characters:Fujimaru: Again not really relatable kind of boring character, though he did have some character development this round so that was a nice change.Mash: Again no idea why, but I love this character, and her character development was nice as wellAna: I loved her. She was cute and fast and had GREAT fight scenes! Her ending was super sad too, I wish they could have done it differently but I understand why they did the way they did.Ishtar: You mean the Rin copypaste right? Shes legit Rin. Her counterpart Ereshkigal who is basically blond Rin. *rolls eyes* Ishtar is your steryotypical tsundere who is obsessed with gems and gold to the point it overrides her own logic from greed. Ereshkigal: Honestly she is cute and I felt bad for her. Especially at the end. She was such a misunderstood character and sweet compared to Ishtar.Gilgamesh- Your first impression is that of a king who hates everyone, when actually he cares more than he lets on. Hes incredibley powerful, for a hybrid, and that ending where he comes back of his own will? What??? I need answers there!Enkidu- Gil's best friend who dies in front of him, brought back to life but not really. Poor poor Enkidu...Merlin: He was an interesting character and fun to watch, also almost all animations with him were pulled of well, I LOVED his flower powers XDOther Servants here: All were pretty great, I wasnt a fan of the jaguar god and she annoyed me too much, but I loved the Aztec God and the Sword chick- Ushiwakamaru, she was so wholesome and I am not happy with how she died off :/Overall lots of sad deaths with alot of characters and very moving scenes Overall I enjoyed this anime and it may even be my second favorite in the FATE series, Apocrypha is first if you are curiousI know it had/has a movie this year (2020) and I may see if I can see that, and if I had to guess, its most likely related to that final battle with the Mage King since thats all that is left If someone can point me in the direction of where the first 6 sigularity adventures are that would be great! Unless if it was never made into an anime, in which case can you tell me that as well?  Thanks for reading and hopefully my review was helpful!

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