Fastening Days

Web (1 ep x 11 min)
Fall 2014
3.137 out of 5 from 394 votes
Rank #13,797
Fastening Days

Yoji and Kei, a boy and girl, live in a town in the not-so-distant future with their foster parent, Anna. But these seemingly ordinary children have a secret hidden even from their unsuspecting mother: Yoji and Kei are superhero defenders of their town! With a flap of their capes, the two of them and their robot bear sidekick, Oscar, protect the citizensin their town with their handmade high-tech machinery. But from what menace? And will our little heroes be able to overcome the crisis about to threaten the town's peaceful everyday serenity?

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Fastening Days is a short commercial anime made for YKK, the zipper company. Despite that, it was extremely fun to watch and didn't come off as a commercial until right at the end - which is how commercial shorts should always be done, in my opinion! Story The story is about a pair of orphaned brother and sister, who are being fostered by an older lady named Anna. It looked like their father was an inventor, although this is only a guess. He seemed to have inspired them to create a 'zipper gadget' which is the main plot point of the story - they go around fixing problems by zipping up people or objects, as superheroes of sorts.  It's a sweet little story, touching on the feelings of loss and moving on, although only briefly. Unfortunately there's not much more to it, but then again, it is only a short commercial. Animation The animation was beautiful! The colours in particular were bright and spectacular, the characters had a unique art style, and the backgrounds were luscious, especially the overhead shots.  Sound This doesn't really deserve an 8, but they played Perfume as the ED, and Perfume always deserve a high sound rating. It was fun to hear Hurly Burly, and the song suited the commercial well. Characters The two main characters were sweet, although nothing special. Anna, their foster parent, was also quite a basic character, except for her super speed wheelchair and her 'Gotta go fast' Sonic motto, which both made me laugh. Overall - 6/10 I liked this a lot and would definitely recommend it. The colours were beautiful and it was surprisingly touching at times.

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