Fairy gone: Part II

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2019
3.351 out of 5 from 1,074 votes
Rank #9,090
Fairy gone: Part II

Second season of Fairy gone.

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This review covers all 24 episodes. This is a mostly spoiler free review, but does touch on some things that are revealed later in the story: WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS minor SPOILERS.   Not since Chaos Dragon have I watched this poor a story (I may go change my rating of Chaos Dragon just so that I can rate Fairy Gone lower than that series).  In short, it's the definition of poor story-telling with even poorer characters. Was determined to drop this series after episode eight (and was ready to drop it even earlier). But sometimes one has to stay the course to watch something even when it is this bad. A) It's an experience and B) Had to see it through to the very last episode to determine, if in fact, my reasons for disliking this show were valid...if I had been wrong. I wasn't. Episode 1, you are introduced to the primary and secondary protagonists and a possible enemy (which turns out really isn't). All subsequent characters you meet are introduced the exact same way--and by this I mean they just are in the story and don't know why or care. And this is the beginning of why this series was so bad: 1) Character (insert any name) possesses a fairy, and said character has some troubling event in the past that causes them to be so grim/sad/angry but is never really developed. 2) Characters possess a fairy, which is supposed to make combat more interesting (I suppose). However, these fairies are never deployed in any meaningful way other than to fight other fairies. So...the real combat takes place between the individuals that possess fairies...and these creatures don't amplify said individuals' abilities in any way. So it's almost like the fairies are pointless.  3) Some fairies are stronger than others and their strength have no relation at all to the effort or spirit of the individual that possesses them. Some characters JUST get stronger or weaker fairies. 4) There is no growth whatsoever in character or fairy abilities at all 5) Some characters can "speak" to fairies and some can't, and this helps guide the protagonist along the way and makes other follow her (?). That's it. I watched to the end and this is how it is. Joke is on me for watching the whole thing...and on you if you decide to watch too.

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