Fafner: Heaven and Earth

Alt title: Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Heaven and Earth

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.815 out of 5 from 646 votes
Rank #2,025
Fafner: Heaven and Earth

Two years after the end of the original Soukyuu no Fafner TV series, Tatsumiya Island and its surviving residents have returned to some semblance of recovery. However, things have become desperate for our hero, Kazuki; nearly blind now, and partially crippled from his battles with the Festum two years earlier, he clings to the promise his fallen friend Soushi made to him to return to the island and set things right again. Kazuki's hopes flare when a lifeform is detected within an unmanned submarine that comes floating into Tatsumiya Bay one night, but the person aboard isn't Soushi; it is a mysterious "boy" named Misao Kurusu who may not be entirely human, and who claims to have been sent by Soushi. With Misao's arrival, hostilities break out anew between the Human Army and the Festum, and the Fafner pilots are thrown into the most desperate battle of their lives--this time, with the fate of TWO races riding on their shoulders.

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(Sub) Fafner: Heaven and Earth

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Rbastid's avatar
Rbastid Mar 1, 2015
Score 3/10

Remember everything from the series? Then you pretty much know everything that you knew before. Story - 3/10 For being created so many years after the original you'd think the movie would be something new, a triumphant return for the series, but it's basically an extra long episode written just like the others. We get to see how things have changed in the few years since the final battle, the pilots... read more

theSentinel's avatar
theSentinel Apr 4, 2015
Score 7/10

Ok, so this will be extremely quick.  I dont have much to say.  this is a continuation of the series.  The only reason I watched this is because there is another series out it seems.  Now while it is a continuation, it is by no means bery good.   The story, kinda sucked.  It was too touchy feeling and "oh the pain" and "we must work together and coexist" crap... read more

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