Fafner Exodus 2nd Season

Alt title: Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Exodus 2

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2015
3.699 out of 5 from 502 votes
Rank #3,120
Fafner Exodus 2nd Season

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This is such a good series. i dont know where to begin.Story:This is a continuation from exodus 1.The first exodus series was already great, but this one is even better. Its a emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs, Defeat and victory, Joy and pain,enemies helping or killing each other, and hope for better days.I think thats the first thing why this is such a great story, The main characters ain't immortal, that's makes it so realistic. You can feel the grief when someone dies. And you feel happy when a big battle is won.The story itself is about humans and aliens both fighting for existence on earth. Its one big storyline that spans 26 episodes (more of you add the prequal "heaven and earth" )No filler content that i am aware off.Animation, the animation has great detail and quality. the fighting scenes and movements look awsome. So are the effects. I don't have any complaints.Sound, don't pay much attention to sound, but i can say I like the opening and ending songs.Characters.I found it hard to keep up with the names and keeping them apart. They look too much the same to me. Also nobody has a distinct hair color. Most of them are brown or black. This add to realism, but again makes it harder for me to keep them apart. The characters feel lively.Overall i definitely can recommend this if you are a fan of Mechha, or at least want to try a good Mechha series. I found it better then the first exodus, and every week I was looking forward to the next episode. I was hooked by this series from the first start. That why i give it a 10 out of 10.


WHY!  WHY MUST ANIME HAVE SUCH TERRIBLE ENDINGS!  first of all, this anime had a bad case of deus ex machina.  Which, honestly, does not make for a great story. It also undid a lot of the good things that it did in the first series.  Up front I will say that this season of this series was way bad.  I wont do my normal review becasue frankly, this anime f*cked up and it doesnt even deserve my normal criteria. the first 14 episodes of this were great, but this half of exodus was really bad.  All of the sudden tons of unexplained phenomena were happening for no apparent reason.  People that should have died are somehow alive,  people that should have lived are dead, Random battles occuring at the strangest moments, random powers being gifted to people right when they need it.  The eplaination was always that it is the Mir, which was never a very clear concept in the first place.  However in this season it became a stitch of everything that was happening. The Good: This anime brought back a lot of great things from its original series.  The slightly dry and subtle humor, the despair of loss, the culture of the island, and our favorite characters.  I loved how they used some of the same jokes but with different characters this time, as if it is tradition on the island.  There was some incredible action, and the animation was amazing.  The 3d models blended well with the scenery, also artwork was very nice.  The Sky, landscapes, the ocean were all neat.   The Bad: here we go.  Like I said before, it seemed that the mir all had the power to do whatever the f*ck they wanted, so characters got the powers they needed right when they needed it, which is stupid.  Randomly a character might get assimilated or killed.  There was a case when a character became a random orb, however this orb still had the ability to pilot the fafner, and would teleport to it when necessary.  Dont worry, I didnt spoil anything because it was completly random and had no serious impact on anything.  That is literally how random this was.  spoiler:  she then was saved by an ability and reverted into a human  :end spoiler.   More Bad: the original series built your hope up, the right characters lived and died, and you grew attached to these characters.  This season killed ton of people that were an immensly important part of the series. The hope that was created at the end of the first series was massively mitigated by everything lost, which brings me to my next point.  The things and amount gained felt worthless compared to all that was lost.    Not Ugly Bad, but still pretty Bad: Some characters had no point in this series ecxept to cry like a bitch and then die.  Even the final enemy was extremely EXTREMELY temporary.  This makes him feel. . .  like a stupid enemy.  He has no history, save the little bit they described (maybe a minute), what did he do in previous parts of the show to win the spotlight???? The Ugly: The overbearing amounts of "humanitarianism" made me want to kill everyone in this anime.  They were so scared of taking human life that they would let a bombers worth of human beings bomb and kill tens of thousands of human beings.  Furthermore, during scenes where it showed the main characters helping refugees I had to wonder:  WHAT THE F*CK WERE THE REFUGEES DOING TO HELP OTHER THAN HELP THE ENEMY KILL THEIR ESCORT?!?!?! stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. I cant bear it.  The original fafner series was wonderful, but this one had so many stupid things in it that I cant help but to pretend it doesnt exists.  Fancy animations wont save you this time.

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