Eyeshield 21

TV (145 eps)
2005 - 2008
Spring 2005
4.12 out of 5 from 8,934 votes
Rank #987

Sena was always a weak child, constantly having to run away from bullies; so much, that he became good at it. Now, as a teenager, Sena’s skill at running has become so impressive that the diabolical mastermind of the school football team notices his talent and recruits him. Yet to keep his privacy intact and his dangerous hobby a secret from his overprotective childhood friend Mamori, Sena is forced to develop a secret identity: the ace running back, Eyeshield 21! But the world is full of talented rivals, and Sena has a long way to go until he can reach the top...

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The Man With the Lightspeed Legs! image

Episode 1

The Man With the Lightspeed Legs!

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Episode 2

Let's Play Football!

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Episode 3

Blaze a Path Down the Field!

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Episode 4

What I Hold In My Hands!

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Episode 5

Half-Second Bodyguards!

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Episode 6

The Pierce of the Spear Tackle!

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Episode 7

Fighting to Win!

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Episode 8

Never Quit!

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Episode 9

The Catching Master!

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Episode 10

A Hero's Qualifications!

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Episode 11

Oath Under the Setting Sun!

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Episode 12

Max Catch!

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Story: 9/10 You might be thinking "what the hell, gridiron and anime!?", Well, you're in for a suprise. I started watching this anime thinking, "hehe this can't be any good" and when the anime fnished, "OH GOD THE HORROR!" SO! Is you don't know the concept of the story, it's about this wimp named sena who is found by people of the same school, Hiruma and Kurita, while running away from bullies, and these guys find that he has amazing speed and if he trains enough he can turn into this legendary gridiron player. SO! Sena trains and trains like your basic shonen anime gaining new powers every now and then and the way they present is frikkin' epic Animation: 9/10 The weirdest thing you notice when you start watching Eyeshield 21 is that Hiruma has really pointy ears and Kurita has a head shaped like a slime out of Dragon Quest. DON'T WORRY! You'll most likely get used to it. Most of the characters are your averagely animated people BUT I rated the animation 9 for the presentation of Sena's (and his rivals/friends) special moves such as the Devil Bat Ghost. It's really epic...really epic. One other weird thing which I noticed is that EVERY TIME they get a touchdown, get tackled or catch the ball, the helmet always falls off, but I guess you can get used to that as well... Sound: 10/10 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! The character voices are all executed very nicely, but my favourite was Hiruma and his sly voice and his laugh and his "YA-HA!" I liked the opening and endings but the ones I liked the most were all the ones near the end of the series. The OST was AWESOME, I loved the music when sena does some tricky awesome thing but then again I guess that happens in most animes. Characters: 9/10 The characters were pretty much your basic shonen anime characters, which is a good thing. Sena the guy that starts out pretty weak but gains powers constantly, Hiruma the guy that is 100% sure that he'll never lose and always has a plan, then there are your comedy relief characters and more. (I don't know how to do a character section review) Overall: 9/10 DON'T THINK IT'LL BE BAD JUST 'CAUSE IT'S ABOUT GRIDIRON/AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!! This is a great anime and I loved it, (except for the episodes which I presume are fillers here and there) (sorry for the long review, first time reviewing, feedback please!!! Oh, yeah, and the series doesn't end where the manga does so I have to buy around the last 7 volumes of the manga, THANKS!!!)


Ah, Eyeshield 21, the first sports manga I ever got into when I was a young teen. But how well does the anime hold up to the manga? Its okayish, however, its not without its fair share of issues. Story- The entirety of the Eyeshield 21 storyline focuses on the Deimon Devil Bats dream of making it to the Christmas Bowl, the championship match between the best high school football teams. The anime does a pretty good job of following the story of the manga. But there are a few changed details here and there, like how Monta is recruited for the Deimon Devil Bats. However, there is a lot of noticeable filler right before the rematch with the Ojo White Knights. This is usually a pretty sad telltale sign that the anime was catching up to the manga. This leaves around 10 volumes of content that never got animated. Its depressing, considering all the awesome stuff Sena and the other characters were doing beyond the anime. They showed how much of a threat the Dinosaur team was and that match wasn't even shown. But enough about that I suppose. Animation- The animation, more or less, is decent. The studio Gallop does have some experience doing sport anime, but at the same time I can't help thinking that Eyeshield 21 could have gotten better animation if it was in a better studio. If you're new to anime and haven't seen that many sport anime, you could probably still enjoy it. But sport anime need to have fluid animation to feel impactful in my opinion, cause otherwise what's the point? Sound- The sound for the anime was done pretty well, from the tackles, passes and running. A lot of the openings and endings are pretty good too, considering the hype for the series too. Characters- The characters are a huge part of the reason why the series is loved so much. For example, Sena at the beginning of the series wasn't that outgoing and was a gopher for others his age. But as he plays the game, all thanks to Hiruma, he slowly changes from a character who is forced to play the game to someone who doesn't want to runaway and wants to become better at it. That's only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the character development. Overall- Eyeshield 21 is a good but also incomplete anime adaption. Personally I think its a good way to get more people interested in the series and quite possibly even get them to read the manga. There are quite a few episodes but for someone looking for good character development, this is a good investment.

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