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In the distant future, human beings have been forced to leave earth and migrate to another galaxy. An advanced team of spacecraft arrives at a planet that is to be terraformed. Each member of the team is output by a biological 3D printer.

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Exception My god this one is bad, Netflix original warning again.Exception has so much cringe that it's hilarious. This is a good one for sitting down with your friends and a six pack of bud light, while you laugh together. Story There's not much to say here the story is the same overplayed humanity needs a new planet to call home cliche.The humans use a bio data device using cells, body tissue etc creating copies of themselves, to get the new planet ready for them. Very basic it takes two minutes to come up with while your having a coffee in the morning.  CGI Animation The animation here is just awful weird looking CGI, it makes everything in the show look hilarious, even at times their body movements.The fight scenes are so cringe due to this. I was laughing as you had a pool stick vs a knife.  Theres this one scene for example, where Nina is throwing boxes at failed copy of Lewis (monster Lewis). I swear I was laughing my head off it just looked so funny and there are many scenes like that. Underneath the service exception is a hidden comedy haha. Also due to the animation Nina's hair looks like it's been slapped on, no I'm serious it looks like someone just glued a wig on her. It looks awful, it kinda makes you feel sorry for her.  The Voice Acting No offence to the voice acting talent here, I like Nolan North, but everyone feels like they are just reading off the script. Every line is given with zero emotion, get the sweet Netflix paycheck and get out of there. This seems to be a common theme with these Netflix originals. Character Movites/Betrayals Every plot twist/ betrayal that's meant to surprise you,can be seen coming a mile away, I spotted them all way before they happened. It's all once again basic overused boring stuff. Like I want to save the life on the planet vs but we must complete the mission.It really feels like the whole thing was written by a child.  Character Design Everyone wears their own unique outfit, which look like they were stolen from a circus. Right down to the pointy shoes. Despite the fact, the copies have pictures of their real selfs wearing normal clothes. It's as if the guy on clothes duty was a fashion nut.But it really adds to the whole cringe of it.  Conclusion This is yet another boring Netflix original, quickly forgotten after a week of it coming out for a reason. It's just so boring I fell asleep, switched to a film and I was wide awake. This is best enjoyed with friends and a great choice of alochol to laugh at all the cringe on show here.  My final score for Exception is a sad 2 out 10. I definitely made an exception watching this one haha, sorry for the bad joke, I just had too.Your time will be better spent on any number of way better animes. Thank you for reading my review 😀 FIN

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