Excel Saga

Alt title: Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel Saga

TV (25 eps)
1999 - 2000
Fall 1999
3.564 out of 5 from 10,256 votes
Rank #5,016

F City, F Prefecture: the battleground where good and evil have finally chosen to decide once and for all who will rule the world…or at least that's the general idea! Neither side seems up for the task, as surviving the brutality of everyday life is enough of a chore. On the side of evil is the organization of Across, its only member the loudmouthed and abrasive Excel who struggles just to put food in her stomach; on the side of good, three disenfranchised, unemployed bachelors whose only pursuit in life is romance. Add in alien invasions, jungle warfare, and Mexican immigrant laborers to Japan, and this war doesn't seem likely to be ending soon!

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Story"Are there any questions?""I've got way too many, but I'm not sure they're questions I should even be asking..."And that, ladies and gents, sums up Excel Saga (to a tee) in its own words. If you're like me and a fan of random humor, this series will go down in your books as one of the greatest anime you've had the fortune to set your eyes upon. While not the funniest or most clever comedy to be produced, it boasts an incredibly unique flavor that you will either passionately love or fervently loathe.The core of Excel Saga's humor revolves around a number of individual storylines that loosely tie into each other.  These include:The ventures of Across with Ilpalazzo, Excel, Hyatt, and Menchi in their quest to conquer the F City, F Prefecture.  Pedro, the immigrant Mexican worker to Japan with an adorable son and sexy wife, and his struggles against Gomez.Nabeshin, resident director and epic superhero who happens to have deep connections to every event that occurs in one way or another.The city service crew headed by Watanabe and their attempts to purge the city of all evil.Menchi, the cute little dog who can't seem to escape her fate as Across' emergency food source, and her longing for freedom.Many random others who make appearances throughout the course of the series.Trying to predict the direction the series will take is virtually impossible.  Even with a repeating theme such as Excel being dropped down a hole, each occurrence is distinct; something new always happens when she hits the bottom, ranging from wrestling alligators to popping out of manholes in American sewers.  Yet, oddly enough, everything flows together with a surprising level of coherence -- it's incredibly hard to get lost despite the constant chaos flowing across the screen.AnimationWith all that said, Excel Saga's animation is fairly well sophisticated for its time, but nothing spectacular. However, Excel Saga is entirely self-conscious of its flaws and doesn't give mocking itself a second thought. For instance, there's an episode where all the male characters are given no screentime and the females are given a "30% increase to shading and highlights."  It uses its low-budget animation quality to its advantage, which is a definite plus. By far the least commentable (is that a word...? Is now!) of the categories; not too much else to say here.SoundMoving on, the sound score is much more commentable. The opening theme fits the series like a glove, and probably even better considering it's sung by the seiyuu who voice Excel and Hyatt. On the other side is an ingenious ending theme, sung in dog barks regarding the manner in which Menchi would choose to be eaten should the time come. Sandwich a great OST inbetween and there's not much to complain about. Each of the tracks capture the moods of their respective scenes with finesse, and despite their obvious lack of great production quality I quite enjoyed them. Even better, though, top it all off with an outstanding Seiyuu and you're good to go. The voice actor for Excel is especially impressive, as capturing that energy and hype is certainly no easy task. I also loved Pedro and his Spanish-accented Japanese.CharactersIf you've seen Azumanga Daioh, you probably have a good idea as to how Excel Saga executes most of its character designs.  Every character has at least one trait that's exaggerated in the extreme, whether it be Excel's non-stop ranting or Shioji's knack for having little girls appear and assist him in every possible circumstance.  Despite having a massive caste of characters, I found each individual to have a distinct and memorable flavor.What really stands out in this category, however, are the interactions between the characters.  Where they personally lack depth, their relationships are weaved with amusing complexity -- the quartet from the civil service agency are perfect examples.  The constant sparring between Iwata and Onigunse is particularly notable, as the two are constantly at odds over everything save women; quite ironic considering the two spend the entire series chasing their respective love interests.OverallAll in all, Excel Saga boasts some hilarious random humor that parallels its parody well.  As I mentioned before, however, it polarizes itself in such a fashion that it becomes an anime you will either adore or despise.  The content is much less an issue than the presentation; being able to tolerate Excel is probably the sole defining factor as to whether or not you'll enjoy the series.  If you can, this will probably become a classic in your anime collection; if you can't, it will probably become a classic on your black list.


Oh lord, see what that moron Koshi Rikido did now, he allowed Excel Saga to become a crappy review. Story - 10/10 Many of the reviews I see about Excel Saga say it's confusing, which I just don't see. Manic, random, confusing, yes, but confusing it isn't. Oh Wait. Each episode is signed off by the original creator Koshi Rikdo, generally under threat or torture, to resemble a specific anime type, with some episodes going as far as using plot lines from Fist of the North Star and catch phrases from Trigun. Within the show there are three main plot lines that intersect with each other and eventually combine to conclude the story, there are also a few sub plots that aren't used as frequently but do hold significance in the show. The Excel story follows Excel Excel as she does the bidding of Lord Il Palazzo and his secret organization ACROSS. She is suppose to first conquer F City so that they can perfect their plans for world domination, but being that she lacks any brains, she often fails at her tasks. Shortly after the start of the series she is partnered up with Hyatt, who's constant dying does little to help in world domination. The finally member of Excel's story is Menchi and adorable puppy that Excel adopts in order to use him as her backup food supply. The Pedro story line starts just as early in the series as Excel's. A poor immigrant worker from Columbia, Pedro's life in thrown into disarray when Excel's stupidity gets him killed. He must now try and regain his human form in order to rescue his sexy wife and son Sandora from his former friend Gomez, which eventually leads to a fight for the fate of the world. The final main story plot line has to do with three roommates who live next door to Excel. In an attempt to impress Hyatt one roommate, Watanabe, applies to be a goverment worker, during the interview he sees both his roommates have joined him and continue to be a thorn in his side everywhere he goes. Along with their fourth co-worker, Matsuya and two robots, these six are trained to become the mighty Municipal Force Daitenzin. With the head of City Security, Kapapu, as their leader, they go about doing what public employees were meant to do, protect the citizens, which in reality means they kill them by the bucket load. The sub plot mainly centers around the director of the series, an afroed man dressed like Lupin the 3rd, Nabeshin. Nabeshin's duty is find Pedro and teach him to be one of the Six great Afro Warriors who are the only ones who can defeat the ACROSS Six, made up of different versions of That Man.  For the majority of the series Nabeshin gets very little screen time and many of the other characters from his plot, such as Space Butler and Tetsuko, are basically added to give you the idea Nabeshin had a secret past as a trained assassin or mercenary. In the final episodes the series strays from being a comedy and becomes a very good serious anime, you almost feel like if they wanted to they could have just made the whole series serious and it would have worked out. At this time the plots all merge in an all out battle between ACROSS and the City Security force, both in Japan and unknowingly in Colombia. Animation - 8/10 The animation in Excel is nothing to write home about, but then again it's also nothing to complain about.  The episodes where there are tons of action or very detailed scenes are as good as any other anime of the time and throughout the episodes the characters and backgrounds are consistent, where as in many other anime you can tell there was a change in art director in some episodes. Some of the best animation, albeit crudest, is used for Excel and Menchi's freak outs. It's very jagged and simplistic, but thats used to convey the mindset at the time of both characters, Excel's madness and Menchi's fear of being eaten. In the final few episodes there is a slight change of animation for excel to match her now solemn personality and then a third look for her time wandering around brainlessly, both match up pretty well with the tone for the three episodes preceding the finale and then episode 26 stands alone. Sound - 9/10 I love everything about the sound in Excel Saga and the only thing keeping it from receiving a perfect score is the lack of more. For once I think the voice acting in the English version is far better than that of the Japanese one. The character's voices are acted brilliantly and match perfectly with the character they are portraying, while the original seems a bit too plain, as if acted without actually knowing what the characters are like. Of course the shining star is Excel Excel, whose grating voice and hyper delivery work perfect for the manic character. The music, while having only three real memorable songs, is very entertaining. Not often will I sit through the opening sequence of any show more than once (with the few exceptions being GTO, Trigun and the great Hawaii Five-0 theme) but I found myself time and time again watching the entire Excel opening, which is all the more shocking as I use to work in a video store where I had to watch a demo loop that would play the theme upwards of forty times over the course of a shift. Along with the opening, and adorable Menchi sung closing, is Pedro's theme. Every time Pedro's story line occurs it is accompanied by a song that closely resembles the old blues song "House of the Rising Sun." Unfortunately for Pedro, unlike the character in the song, his life wasn't ruined by his own vices but instead by Excel. Characters - 9/10 An anime like Excel Saga greatly benefits from the fact you really don't need to build complex back stories for each character, each one lives in the present and that snippet gives you everything you'll need to know. Each character in the series is completely unique from the next, with their own personality, loves and mission, which is a saying a lot with a series that has 17 very prominent characters.  Some characters that were real standouts were, of course, our star Excel Excel, who's love of Lord Il Pollazo guides all her choices and her lack of a brain leads to all her blunders.  Sumiyoshi, the mute member of the Municipal Force Daitenzin, who's character is perfectly conveyed even with a lack of dialogue. And the Puchuu, terrifyingly adorable space creatures who when hit just become racist. Bigger than the characters themselves are the interactions between the characters, which I'll just stay silent on due to the fact many aren't revealed till late in the show and could spoil the story. Overall - 9/10 Excel Saga is a great comedy anime that could have equally been a great serious anime. As a comedy it is laugh out loud funny, with some moments, that although you see coming from a mile away, will crack you up. Without the comedy I still can see a very good show about the attempted world takeover and those trying to fight it, about love and betrayal, and about a girl with no brains trying to live life unsuccessfully, hell I'd watch a show about that, it'd be hilarious.


Watched on Netflix and DVD Release Foreword Ah! Excel Saga, It should be called "Excessive Saga" or "Exageratted Saga" or as many people call it "Wtf Is Going On Saga" based off the manga series of the same name this was adapted into an anime in the year 1999. A lot of crazy things were going on in '99, Prince was throwing one hell of a party, 345 prisoners escpaed a prison in Brazil by walking out through the front door, and the world was coming to an end. I guess Koshi Rikdo, the creator of Excel Saga and Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of the anime. Decided in their minds one day and just said "Fuck it why not". Why not have a dog shooting a gatling gun why not have a mexican immigrant die and have an affair with the universe. Just WHY THE FUCK NOT? That's what this show is all about, the amount of randomness Rikdo and Nabeshin can get just stuff into each episode and here's ya boy Wiru-sans take on it!     Story Ha! What Story? But in all seriousness Excel-  "Story"that's cute "Seriousness" is a word that doesn't have a place when you're dealing with Excel Saga. Plenty of surreal comedy a butt-load of parodies and references and physcial comedy. Put that together  and you have Excel Saga. Every episode they make fun of a new genre, they have the creator of Excel Saga at the begining of each episode give his "permission" to make the episode into whatever they want:      Sci-fi anime B-rate action flick Chessy Shoujo Even when they have this general theme, they always go off the wall. This show actually does have a general plot though. Our heroine Excel Excel, (from what she tells us that's her full name). The show starts off with Excel graduating school and running with joy for her new job at this  company called ACROSS. So happy in fact she runs right into the street and gets hit by a truck and dies. Then we are greeted with this   She is then brought back into the fray known as life by the Great Will of the Macrocosm just what/who is that you ask? The fucking universe with arms   She's like God, she restarts the show or brings characters back from the dead whenever they get off track I don't quite know what track this show is on but she brings Excel back multiple times. They actually aplogized in the second episode for the confusing events that took place, and explained briefly what the shows "plot" is, after they did this they fucking tossed it out the window and went back to normal   I don't know if you'd call this normal, but they went back to it  The plot goes like this, Excel works for a secret organzation called ACROSS who wants to take over the city. As the show puts it "This anime is the stupified saga of the trials and tribulations of Excel and her leader Il Palazzao as they try to take over the entire city." Now thats the main goal but they usually just do whatever they want and it turns out funny. She is actually tasked with killing the creator of Excel Saga in the first episode.     "normality" Towards the end of the show the plot actually comes together a bit to form something cohesive. Most of the time it's just random comedy but they actually bring some things together in the end. The show would've been fine if it was just random comedy the whole way through but the fact they actually wrap some things while keeping it funny bring the score up for this anime Story: 6.5  Animation It's surprising how well this anime looks even though it was made in '99. There's some quality animation to be found here. Although a lot of the animation is over the top.  Excel's usually all over the place moving very quickly, but when they do a parody or a scene when they aren't being crazy it's nice and crisp  "In the name of the moon ima need you to gtfo  although sometimes the background animation is just bad and it's something they point out and exploit     that dude is just flipping everyone off, and who hangs in front of a store like that?     The animation might be sporadic at times but when you're keeping up with a show this sporadic anyway it's ok. The animation is never an eyesore whenver it's bad they use it as a joke. The backgrounds look nice nothing outstanding but they look good. Animation: 7 Sound  Sound in this anime is quirky and catchy. The op basically gets you ready for the type of show you're going to be watching and it's not half bad. They even have a rip off of House of the Rising Sun that plays everytime Pedro's on scene. The themes stick  so when you hear one you know what gag they're setting up. There's also the ending theme which is just kinda sad but funny at the same time.  Mechi sings in her dog language, and we have  nice little human translations for us to let us know what she's saying. The sound is good and it isn't utterly forgettable, but at the same time it's not something i'd go downloading or buying the OST. The voices for both the Sub and Dub are good it's amazing how the english voice actressess were able to keep up with the mouthflaps and stay spot on with the japanese dub. I prefer the dub but you're good either way Sound: 7 Characters  Excel Saga has a wide cast of characters some appearing more than the other but all of them get enough time they don't feel left out. Originally I watched the Dub but I went through it  and watch the sub.   Excel   Named after a hotel she's the main girl of the sereis and has a serious ADHD problem. There are times when she's talking so fast you can't even understand what she's saying. Her role was so taxing that the English voice for Excel stepped down from it. They got a different voice actress to finish it out and even then it's still good. I didn't even notice until I read the credits. She's a loveable idiot and  she's always enjoyable to watch. You either like her or think she's annoying there's no in between. Either way she should work as an auctioneer This also exists, and I approve Hyatt  Also named after a hotel, she is the titular nice girl. and assists in helping Excel and Ilpalazzo take over the city. She just has one tiny problem   She dies a lot and it's not like from accidents or people harming her. She just drops dead every now and then, and they never really explain why. Maybe it's because she's an alien and needs to adapt to Earth's atmoshpere? Sense doesn't really come into play with this show  I guess she's like a Rouge except she doesn't gain anything   Lord Il palazzo  HAIL IL PALAZZO! You'll be hearing that a lot watching this show. He's the leader of ACROSS and is convinced that "the world is corrupt!" not much is known about him. Who he is or how he came to power we just know that he's Il Palazzo and he isn't your ordinary human being. It's a reoccuring gag when he sends Excel & Hyatt on missons he's left just sitting there with nothing to do. We see him playing dating sims, learning to play guitar, playing with dominoes and a bunch of other shit. It's funny seeing this tough guy  playing a freaking galge Move over Obama    Pedro The hispanic immigrant worker.He came to Japan to support his family, He has a sexy wife and a nice son. Everything a man can want Pedro has. Then he dies in a workplace fire because Excel is a dumbass    Good thing we have the Great Will of the Macrocosom to bring him back to life right? Well that would be cool and all the only problem is she doesn't. Instead she has an affair with him    I don't exactly know why he isn't alive or why the Great Will doesn't bring him back but he's like a ghost and only a few people can see him. His family? Oh his sexy wife moved on to one of his coworkers Gomez and basically forgot all about him.   his screams can be heard throughout the world. Nobody acknowledges it though     Menchi   It's cute old Menchi. Excel and Hyatt's emrgency food supply.   Peta probably hates this That's right, Menchi isn't their pet she is theback up food. They are actually serious about it too, she's kind of like Pedro. Nothing ever goes her way she's constantly trying to escape from Excel and Hyatt and always goes on some type of adventure.  Menchi actually means something close to mincemeat in japanese  Need to gtfo out of there quick Menchi There's a bunch of characters that are all fun to watch an each have their own problems that all get pretty much solved. You have this boss man with a cool mustache And a loli pedo scientist guy!     Each character is distinctive and although some of them are common tropes we see in anime they each have something that makes them stand out and be something of their own Characters: 7.5 Overall This show is crazy, but it's not insane. Hermano being insane would mean they fucking do the same thing over and over again expecting something different! They're always crazy but they never make it monotonus. It's a nice funny ride that leaves you satisfied. The humor in Excel Saga is not for everyone and if you aren't a big fan of slapstick or physical and surreal comedy you porbably won't find this show funny, however you can look and see the show has some quality production to it.  Score: 7 Rating: Fresh  Something that’s fresh is a good fun time. Sure it could’ve been better but ultimately it’s something you don’t regret experiencing  Reccomendation: Watch it! and if you are a fan Buy it!  As always that's your boy wiru-san's take on it. Follow me on my Tumblr and check out my channel on Youtube. And Remember to stay the hell away from woodchippers.

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