OVA (6 eps)
2000 - 2001
3.122 out of 5 from 1,055 votes
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In the relative near future, fossil fuel cars have gone the way of the dinosaur -- electric cars rule the landscape. And when these electric cars go bad, it’s up to the Ex-Drivers to stop them! Join Lisa and Lorna as they encounter situations revolving around them putting their souped up cars’ pedals to the metal in a showdown of slick cars and hot drivers. Speed is the name of the game and the stakes rise quicker than an RPM gauge in overdrive!

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When I saw this was written by Kōsuke Fujishima, author of “Oh My Goddess!” and “You're Under Arrest”, I became mildly interesting in eX-Driver. I've found parts in his other series kinda fun, so I went into this hoping to get some fun out of it too. After watching it, I can see why this wasn't as popular as his other woks. Set at some point in the 22<sup>nd</sup> century, people no longer drive cars themselves, instead of relying on a computer with an artificial intelligence to drive for them. But when the AI systems start losing control, a team call eX-Drivers (or eX-D for short) are formed, driven by actual drivers, chase down the cars that have gone crazy. And at this point is where I started asking questions about the premise for it's plot. How is there no one in the future that can drive a car besides the eX-Drivers? Are there no car enthusiests that want the authentic experience? No people who don't trust the automated system in the cars and cites accident statitics, or at least talks about all of the news stories as a reason that they don't want to use this new technology? Not even a person who simply can't afford the AI cars, or simply doesn't care about the difference as long as they have a way of getting to where they're going? It would have been at least something to see one of these concepts are a story arch, along with the main characters being sent somewere at some point to where these cars don't even exist, like some small town in the middle of nowhere. I'm assuming the lack of development for anything to do with it's story is probably due to a low budget that couldn't afford more episodes. I'd assume that having Kōsuke Fujishima behind this would have granted a few more episodes. While the plot leaks much to be desired, but what about the main characters. Our three main characters are Lorna, Lisa, and Soichi, three kids who are out titular eX-Drivers. And this is where the problems are compounded a bit. Why are out main three characters children? Why isn't there at least one adult character that is an adult helping them out? You could make that same argument about the world of Pokemon, but that's a fantasy world with fantasy creatures, and even adults appear every now and again in that franchise. EX-Driver is much more grounded in a realistic world. There isn't much to said characters either. They're cliched archetypes that you'd see in a lot of boring anime. None of them get character development as a result of the show being so incredibly short. Not even a basic and obvious moral lesson for them to learn from. The only interesting thing about this series is that it was weirdly predictive of the future. with cars that drive itself, along with it's own infrastructure. But since it doesn't really go into depth with the concept, it's not really worth watching because of it, and probably wouldn't get even much focus other than a brief mention of "Oh hey, there was one series written by the guy who wrote Oh My Goddess!" that predicted self-driving cars.” It doesn't even show off the cars all that well, and that's both the focus of the show and something Kōsuke Fujishima has a personal interest in. Again, probably because it's limited episodes. I know it feels like I'm complaining about this series, but it's not the worst thing I've ever seen. At best, it's incredibly forgettable, at worst, it will annoy you with it's lack of anything interesting happening and lack explanation of exploration of its subject matter. EX-Driver is now hard to findon DVD, and i doubt anyone is clammering for a re-release.

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