Evil or Live

Alt title: Lixiang Jinqu

TV (12 eps)
2017 - 2018
Fall 2017
2.129 out of 5 from 1,176 votes
Rank #8,428
Evil or Live

In this modern society, a new kind of "illness" is striking young boys and girls; Loneliness, disbelief and outrage push this generation to get more or more attached to Internet and technologies. The experts called those symptom "Net Addiction". To prevent that, a certain Rehabilitation Facility has been set up to "Lead the young man back to the right path". Enrolled to treat is addiction, Hibiki had no idea that this Rehabilitation Facility is nothing more than a prison. In this place where it's not permitted to escape, how will Hibiki challenge despair in this hell?

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Standing on the Edge of Despair image

Episode 1

Standing on the Edge of Despair

Between Cruelty and Kindness image

Episode 2

Between Cruelty and Kindness

Short-Sighted Justice image

Episode 3

Short-Sighted Justice

Walking a Thorny Path image

Episode 4

Walking a Thorny Path

Their Parting of the Ways image

Episode 5

Their Parting of the Ways

Further Into Darkness image

Episode 6

Further Into Darkness

A Decision at Rock Bottom image

Episode 7

A Decision at Rock Bottom

Budding image

Episode 8


Evil Descending image

Episode 9

Evil Descending

Secrets to Be Hidden image

Episode 10

Secrets to Be Hidden

The Icy Wall of Despair image

Episode 11

The Icy Wall of Despair

Evil or Live image

Episode 12

Evil or Live

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Beanow's avatar
Beanow Oct 25, 2017
Score 1/10

Let me drop a review of this before anyone wastes another second on this piece of Dong Yi. There is absolutely nothing good to get out of this show. Nothing. So move along now. Get on with your life. Still here are you? Let me elaborate on my choice of all 1's then. Story The writing may be the part of this anime I have the biggest problem with. If the underwhelming premise didn't tip you off, let me... read more

TurkeyGami's avatar
TurkeyGami Jan 5, 2018
Score 1/10

*spoiler free review* So you want to make an anime?  Hey there, sport! I see you're just itchin to make yourself your very own anime! Well luckily it's 2018, and you, yes you, have the power to make your very own. You've had no experience? Don't worry! We've built you a perfect model called Evil or Live that will help you succeed at making the perfect anime. Like any good anime, yours should... read more

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