Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

Alt title: Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Ha

Movie (1 ep x 108 min)
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As the battle against the angels continues Shinji and Rei receive reinforcements in the form of two new pilots: the temperamental Asuka Langley and the secretive Mari Illustrious. Between battles the pilots find time to try and create the semblance of a normal life, but following a traumatic battle Shinji decides to quit his position and leave Nerv. Just then the most powerful angel yet arrives, launching a devastating attack against Nerv headquarters, brushing aside all resistance and threatening to consume the only thing Shinji holds dear...

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Anno attempts to make the series better and reboot it for the teenagers who were not born around the time the old series came out. But this was a failed attempt to modify an already flawed series and making it worse by changing some of the characters and the animation while deciding to make a 2-hour long franchise of movies to try to squeeze in all the depth of the series.Asuka has changed from a depressed kid with mommy issues to a wise-talking gossiper with an aloof personality. There is little depth to her and she is now more interested in puppets. All we get is that she is captain and her name has also changed. Misato is more tactful when it comes to arguments. Kaji is more boring as he seems to serve no purpose. And that Spider Girl that is, Mari is not needed. There is some fanservice here which is probably going to please the boys. And Asuka has replaced Toji in being Eva 3.0's pilot. Which caused me to drop it and I had enough of seeing my favorite character tortured.Shinji's face is too goofy-looking for me but other than that, the updated animation is kind of special to watch but the series is a little too old to be remaking so that we can use this style of animation. Unless they can try to find a way to use animation that's closer to the original series.Now, I watched this before I watched Kare Kano but when I watched it, I noticed that its music has been copied onto here, making it unoriginal. The characters' voices are different from what they used to sound like.Anno needs to stop giving this overrated series a new makeover just to please the fans of it.


Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance is the second entry in the Rebuild of Evangelion franchise. Unlike it's predecessor, there are some fundamental changes to the story which makes things much more interesting for existing fans.  Short and Sweet Changes from the series are actually being made and they're very interesting. Everything good about the first movie is back or better. The soundtrack is even better than before, animation seems to be too. Character development is exceptionally well done. There's a new character that wasn't in the anime. She's here to bring back the Gainax bounce and all your schoolgirl fantasies. Fun stuff. Story - 8.5/10 Right off the bat we're introduced to Mari Makinami, a new character both to these films and the Evangelion franchise altogether. This opening scene is something new, completely fresh, and opens up plenty of questions as to where Mari is going and how this new character will influence and interact in the plot. This bang that the film opens up on is just a sign of things to come for the rest of the running time. But what else is going on in the world? Shinji is trying to settle into his live in Tokyo-3, and gets a new teammate/roomate in the form of Asuka Langley Shikinami, a catty and obnoxious girl who, like Mari, quickly proves to be both enthusiastic and capable about piloting an Eva unit, something that Shinji finds surprising. It feels almost like being lured into a trap when You Can (Not) Advance gets going. While the first movie was very much a remake of episodes, this one takes far more liberties early on and ends up going into uncharted territory to feel like the start of something completely new. This is what fans have been waiting for, ditching rushing the story and opting to focus on both it and the characters more. Just about everything about this feels different from this point in the anime, giving it a fresh presentation for fans and newcomers alike. There are still Angels popping up on a regular basis, but the mysteries surrounding Nerv start opening up the plot as well. Animation - 9.5/10 This is every bit the same high quality visuals we got in the first movie. The use of digital animation never feels out of place which is very impressive. Colors are eye-popping, there are even some new designs to wonder at early on, and plenty of dazzling scenes with compelling animation. Sound - 10/10 Shiro Sagisu must have been told that his new grandiose and operatic tracks in Evangelion 1.0 were awesome, because he's just throwing more, and better, fresh material on this OST. It's not without the memorable songs people know and love, and it's not just a bunch of opera sounding stuff either. There's a nice variety and everything finds itself working harmoniously with the moment. Some very militant compositions capture the aspect of this war with the Angels perfectly. The most experimental, artistic, and shockingly effective choice is found in a childlike vocal during the movie's climax, creating a haunting moment of intensity. Characters - 8.5/10 The biggest improvement You Can (Not) Advance has over both the anime series and first movie right now is the character development. Many of the changes made are in this department making the cast just as, if not more developed at this point then they were by the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji's will has to be the most significant 180 turn here. He stands up for himself, and he's not being talked down to constantly the way he was in the show. What we have now is a Shinji that is not without his internal struggle, but is also more sociable and friendly. Seeing him take initiative to make food for Rei was a great touch for both characters. Which brings me to Rei. It was a little bit of a surprise to see her smile and speak with some emotion in Evangelion 1.0, but now she's talking about how Shinji makes her feel warm and actively trying to help him patch things up with his father? I know some fans will hate this simply because it's different but it makes sense, but I loved seeing Rei discover her emotions. She reflects on thanking Shinji for his help, and ends up thanking not one, but two other characters in this movie. This kind of stuff has Shinji developing well, and at the same time, bringing development out of more of the cast as well. Before seeing this I had a feeling Shinji and Rei would stay the same but Asuka would swoop in and take over like she did in the show. This is actually not the case. She gets a pretty even distribution of screen time and development along with some changes right away. Asuka seems much less bratty than before, and even antisocial and troubled right from the start. Her motivations with the Eva and wanting to be a good, reliable pilot are interesting, but it's her interactions with Shinji and Rei that are really juicy. In the series, Asuka bullied Shinji around and she kind of tries it here but it's more of a mutual bickering, and the sense that Asuka likes Shinji and uses her attitude for cover is much more explored here while it was only slightly touched on in Neon Genesis Evangelion. She was also constantly a bitch to Rei, going so far as slapping her in the face. This scene is changed drastically from the anime and it's for the better of both characters, making their relationship much more dynamic. It's time to talk about the new blood. I enjoyed Mari for the time she had. Her character is pure fun and riddle at this point. However, the movie kind of forgets about her after the opening and doesn't explore much with her when she's back on screen. I expect we'll get more from why she's here and what she's doing. It could be great, but what I don't want to see Mari be is Asuka 2.0 or a replacement for Asuka. I mention this because her character is like Asuka without the emotional baggage (which I feel Mari shouldn't get, as it could be too cliche), and she already does a mini-replacement of Asuka in the movie. Mari is a fresh addition to the cast even while she's underutilized here. Hopefully she won't be overutilized in the future as a result. That's mostly it for the characters. Kaji is also introduced but his time to shine hasn't really come. Kaji does have some good interaction with Shinji and helps connect the dots between Shinji and Misato, with some insight on Misato and her desires are revealed as well. One of the other changes was Gendo's meeting with Shinji, being more telling of Gendo's emotions and drive in his work. Overall - 9/10 Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance strikes a chord where the promises of what this rebuild is supposed to be start coming true. This one feels like a much more complete movie than the first as well. You Can (Not) Advance is more than a retelling, going far to surpass expectactions, changing the story, improve on building the characters, while keeping the big set-pieces and city-destroying combat scenes. Focus is not strongly on the action at this point but finds a great balance in delivering badass fights and discovering the pace for establishing the characters. You Can (Not) Advance is awesome.


Critic's Log - Earthdate: January 23, 2013. Review #31: Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. Now that I've reviewed Evangelion 1.0, Here is Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, or Evangelion: Break, or Evangelion 2.22. *Hard Sigh* You get the picture. HERE'S EVANGELION 2.0!   Under constant attack by the Angels, NERV introduces two new pilots unto the fold: the mysterious Mari Illustrious Makinami and the intense Asuka Langley Shikinami. Parallel to the incursion, Gendo Ikari and SEELE proceed the secret project that involves both Rei and Shinji. That's the premise of Evangelion 2.0 and that's all I can explain about the plot. To be technical, this is a Studio Khara production and this is obviously a sequel to Evangelion 1.0 and this sequel does not disappoint but it might play with your expectations if you haven't seen this but have seen the Original series. I can tell you one thing is that the animation in this movie is absolutely gorgeous and some of the action scenes are just epic and a visual treat to animation buffs out there. The 2-D and 3-D integration doesn't disappoint either. The animation alone will simply not disappoint The music by Shiro Sagisu is another thing that does not disappoint. The soundtrack is EPIC! But I think it's a little too epic, he may have overdone the epic factor in the music because nearly every fight theme sounds like a final battle theme, "The Final Decision We All Must Take" is the highlight song in the movie and it's a great theme that compliments the scene greatly. Besides that, the soundtrack is amazing.When it comes to voice acting, I will say this once more... The Japanese cast is excellent as always since the original series. Megumi Ogata is great as Shinji (as mixed reactions are probably involved with his character). Megumi Hayashibara as Rei, what more can you ask for? She is perfect as Rei for the show. Yuko Miyamura reprises her role as Asuka and she is wonderful as always. Kotono Mitsuishi is also great as Misato Katsuragi. Kouichi Yamadera reprises his role as Ryoji Kaji, which he still gives Kaji that cool deep voice. Fumihiko Tachiki is still LIKE A BOSS as Gendo Ikari. Last, but not least there's Maaya Sakamoto as Mari Illustrious Makinami and she was terrific as Mari. Like I said, the Japanese cast is excellent. So what about the dub? Like the first movie, the dub is a lot more tolerable than the ADV dub in the Original Series. Spike Spencer is pretty good as Shinji, Brina Palencia is okay as Rei in this movie but I think some parts sound a bit off. Tiffany Grant comes back as Asuka and all I can say is that when I heard she was coming back as Asuka, I only had one word to say. That word was... To sum up Ms. Grant's performance, it is indeed Wunderbar. I think I'll have a beer for that one. Oh wait, I got a review to finish. ZHE BEER VILL HAVE TO VAIT FICKEN DUMBKOPFS! Allison Keith is once again much better as Misato Katsuragi than the Original Series' dub, Kudos to Ms. Keith. John Swasey is terrific as Gendo Ikari LIKE A BOSS. Trina Nishimura plays a very convincing performance as Mari because as much as I like Sakamoto-san as a seiyu and her role in this movie, Trina Nishimura also gives some credit in screaming her heart out while sounding either pissed off or just going fucking crazy in the heat of battle. Ms. Nishimura did give Mari quite the mouth in a couple for saying lines like "JUST...FUCKING...DIIIE!!!" and "POINT BLANK, SHITHEAD!". Ms. Nishimura doesn't deserve any props for this, but this is one little surprise to the dub for those that get surprised over a few swear words. Performance-wise, Ms. Nishimura was great as Mari and I look forward to hearing more of her in the movies to follow. So there's the good stuff in the cast. Now I'll mention a few that I think sound off, Colleen Clinkenbeard once again doesn't sound right for Dr. Akagi. As much as I like J. Michael Tatum, I was not in favor of him this time in this movie. Why can't anyone get Kaji right in any of the dubs? Besides the good and bad, it's a tolerable dub compared to the Original Series' dub. Please note that I don't think Colleen Clinkenbeard and J.Michael Tatum are terrible voice actors, they are both great if given the roles just right. I will say this one last time, the Japanese Cast is excellent, the Dub is great too, Mike McFarland's ADR direction is just as good as the first movie. Moving on. When it comes to characters, Shinji Ikari does whine a bit in this one, but with reasons. Rei Ayanami has resemblence to the plot throughout the movie. Asuka is like her old self except with a few new twists. She doesn't have a thing for Kaji and Thank God that's over with. I thought the whole "14 year old girl having a thing towards a man twice her age" scenario to be unsettling (but there was a reasoning to this in the original series). Another new twist is that in the Rebuild series, her name is Asuka Langley Shikinami instead of Asuka Langley Soryu. I don't know what else is different about her. Her EVA's debut was awesome in this movie though, so she makes quite the introduction in this iteration of the franchise. Misato is an interesting character from time to time just in the Rebuild alone at this point. She was also interesting in the original series as well. Kaji is alright, Mari is a nice addition but her character development is a bit poorly done. I'll admit that for a fictional character, she's kinda hot. Honestly, they could have made her both hot and interesting at the same time. it's not that hard. Even if Mari's character development is a bit weak compared to the others, there is one particular scene that kind of redeems this and it is undeniably Mari's highlight moment in the entire movie. Please note that if you have not seen this movie, I don't suggest watching this video. Seeing this scene for the first time gave me chills down my spine and it just blows my balls off. It was awesome first time seeing it, it's still awesome today. Another problem I think some people had was Asuka replacing Toji's role in the Bardiel fight in Rebuild, I personally had not much of a problem with this, It was an interesting twist. However, she is a bit downplayed in this movie compared to the Original Series from Episode 8 to Episode 19. The characters are great, some minor characters are not getting as much development this time around. If there's anything worth mentioning, Kaji's scene with Shinji where he was getting a little too close and Shinji screaming like a girl was priceless and hilarious. I was laughing my ass off laughing out loud after that. With that said, Moving on.     When it comes to story, it's very mesmerizing and that's how the movie works. It mesmerizes viewers as well as blowing them away with awesome action scenes to go with the mesmerizing experience. It starts off nice like any sequel would, then it slows down and then you get some awesome fight scenes and the mesmerize factor doesn't let up until the credits roll. The story is actually interesting even though it's familiar to those that watched the original series, for Rebuild alone, The story is great for a sequel. If "The Beast" wasn't enough. Shinji going "Berserk" with the EVA follows soon after! Holy shit, my testicles are dropping so hard due to the awesomeness of this scene. *Ding Ding* Testosterone levels are over 9000!   I guarantee you that you will not be the only one that finds this awesome. This movie has Michael Bay by the balls, and this is only an animated film. Up yours Michael Bay for royally screwing Transformers up the ass. Anyway, that awesome scene is followed by a visually stunning pre-apocalyptic scene that looks gorgeous and amazing. What really makes the movie mesmerizing is its atmosphere combined with the soundtrack and visuals as well as a story that's good as a sequel even though it's a remake. If I haven't convinced you enough of how this movie kicks so much ass. Watch the following video and see whether you're convinced or not.     If you got a home theater system and a big-screen TV, you are in for one hell of an experience.   Evangelion 2.0 is available from Funimation   With that all said, Evangelion 2.0 is a mesmerizing sequel to Evangelion 1.0 which some people felt was nothing new except animation and Ramiel's drastic change. Evangelion 2.0 makes up greatly for some minor nitpicking from the first movie, Evangelion 2.0 isn't perfect by all means because there are some slight bumps in the character writing and the story is great too for Rebuild alone but it isn't perfect and it doesn't have to be. This is a sequel that will play with your expectations if you liked the Original Series, for the most part, it is a mostly satisfying sequel to the beginning of the remake of a revolutionary mecha series.   I give Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance a 9.5 out of 10, It is EXCELLENT!   Feel free to comment below, and don't run away.      Next Preview:

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