E's Otherwise

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In the not too distant future, discrimination is based not on the color of your skin, but the psychic powers you possess. The wielders of these skills (known as E's) are persecuted in the slums of Gald, but are coveted in Ashuram, a military organization dedicated to enhancing these abilities for mysterious purposes. For one man named Kai, his journey from one of Ashuram's best to one of Gald's finest will take him through the heart of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy not only all E's, but all humans on the planet as well...

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sothis Feb 13, 2005
Score 5.8/10

In a world that probably wasn't based on Earth, the population is broken up into psychics and humans. The humans are afraid of the psychics and often times these psychics get killed or in general are driven out of the city. They have to hide their identities and their powers, lest the wrath of the humans come down on them. At the same time, there exists Ashuram, a corporation who employs these... read more

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Danmarinja May 2, 2014
Score 2/10

I don't like to hate on anime. I understand that creating something like an anime series takes a lot of love and care from a lot of people. And yet, sometimes, it doesn't pay off and it leaves you wondering "why?" E's Otherwise is, by far, one of the worst anime I've ever sat all the way through. Everything, everyone, is all bland and forgettable. The intro music is bland, the characters are lame... read more

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