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May 15, 2017


A totally generic dude is getting boners over his 12 year old sister who's an ecchi artist and has an obsession with panties, but at the same time she's shown as an innocent child who can't even speak up properly. They're not blood related, so somehow it's all considered okay. Then there are a couple more loli girls (who are supposed to be 12, look like they're 10, and act like they're 6) who have the hots for the protagonist, and that's about it, plot-wise. The comedy aspect of the show consists of "Oh no, you're seeing me in my panties. Baka! *whack*" scenes.


Do you enjoy watching little 12 year old girls' butts, chests, panties, legs, and lip licking from every possible angle? You're gonna love this. Other than that, it's a generic moe animation, where everything has to be super colourful and cute.


Wailing. So much wailing. And forgettable sountrack, including the generic moe opening and ending. Better turn the volume down or your neighbours will call the cops.


I honestly don't even know which character is the most awful. The main protagonist is completely uninteresting and basically has no personality whatsoever, Sagiri is just ridiculus, whether she's shown as the innocent little sister or as the perverted artist, Megumi can't stop talking about dick, Elf is the bossy tsundere of the bunch, and don't even let me start on mushroom head. Long story short, there's not a single likable character.


This show has to be every pedophile's dream. Sadly, I'm not one.

Watched for the Anime Lottery Game SPRING 2017

1/10 story
4/10 animation
3/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
0.5/10 overall
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Jun 25, 2017

If you're a 13-year-old who wants a watered-down do-over on Oreimo, search no further! This is everything you're looking for. 

If you're not...get ready for one of the guiltiest pleasures in recent anime memory. Or, maybe discomfiting pleasures. Or just a gross, miserable slog. Depending.

Because Eromanga Sensei is a ridiculous, uncomfortable, hilarious, unabashedly shameful series built on a parade of squirm-inducing fanservice lolis, painted with a harem formed under circumstances so strange and irrelevant that even the characters seem to believe they're doing it out of obligation to anime conventions rather than growing emotional connections, and furnished with a plot that seems less concerned with exploring itself than with straying into...not filler, exactly, but subplots so far below the plot they may as well be.

And's actually pretty good. 

There is a worthwhile story, here, ludicrous or uncomfortable though it may be: orphaned step-siblings who so desperately want a sense of family that it is either mixed up with or confused for romantic yearnings for each other--and whose unwitting pre-existing relationship (author/illustrator) helps them attempt exactly that. And if you can muster the intellectual fortitude to pull off the mental gymnastics it takes to not feel disgusting for consuming all the carefully-chosen pubescent butt shots...this show is a plain old lot of fun. 

Because despite the uncomfortable fanservice, despite the increasingly aimless "story," despite the entirely obfuscated crux of the makes you laugh.

At the show. With the show. In spite of the show.

Everything's just so silly, so frivolous, so utterly bereft of pretense. Yes, it often feels like a supercut of the bath scenes from the Monogatari series, but damned if the girls aren't endearingly ridiculous. Even at the distressing rate at which the show overtly fetishizes every one of their limbs, their personalities are what keep you coming back, each so ceaselessly and carefully unbelievable in their individual absurdities that they will all but force you to crack a smile.

Or hate yourself. Or vomit. (It really does depend.)

But give it a shot, if you think you can take it. You might be surprised.

Just make sure the door is closed when you do.

5/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.9/10 overall
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May 15, 2017

Based on 6 epiodes

So I did a background check on this, apparantly both Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei were created by the same guy, Tsukasa Fushimi and both shows pretty much have the same theme (incest and otaku culture) heck even the main character from this show looks similar to the one from Oreimo he just has a different hair colour. Oh right and the siblings are not blood related in this one and Sagiri is tolerable unlike Kirino (who was annoying as hell).

Story and Characters

I know this is supposed to be a slice of life and its supposed to be slow paced, but dear god is this thing slow, the worst part about it is that a lot of the jokes are not funny, its really a hit or miss (mostly miss). Characters try to act cute but it comes off so badly its almost cringey. They try to hard to act charismatic and it fails completely.

The writing of this show isnt good at all.

The characters themselves aren't anything special, you got the main character Izumi who writes light novels, you got his sister sagiri(eromanga sensei)  who wants to fuck him and you got the rest of the girls who want to fuck him but you know what gonna happen in the end, Izumi and sagiri are going to fuck beacuse its the same fucking plot from Oreimo just with only a few fucking variations.

Animation and Sound

Just like most of A1 Pictures' anime all the characters look like paper and they are all brightely pastel coloured. You see there isn't any kind of proper shading on the characters and they look like paper, some people may like this style, not me.

Sound design is well done opening and ending themes are pretty good, voice acting although annoying at times is decent enough.


It still is an improvement over Oreimo. Its just sad that the creator didn't try anything different.

I'd say pass this show but if you did enjoy Oreimo you'd probably enjoy this.(There's even some easter eggs referencing Oreimo)


episodes 7-12

This shit actually got progressively worse, each episode it keeps managing to get worse and worse. 

Form oversexualization of  12 year olds, to its dry humour, to its bland characters, to its dull plot, to its terrible writing, there isnt any saving grace to this. And of course there's episode 12, it doesnt have a solid conclusion so that probably means that most likely there will be a season 2 beacause of course the world needs more of this......

3/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Sep 13, 2017

Eromanga Sensei is an anime for either lovers of the loli subgenre, incest anime, or really like to roll in the apitomy of trashy anime. Eromanga is a show others point to as what they hate about anime. However I would like to prefise that his show is not the trash you think it probably is but the most unintentionally funniest show I have seen this season. Let me convince the non-believers that this show is not absolute trash and the skeptics to at least try the show before judging it.

The show itself is the usual incest plot of a romance going nowhere with better waifu material nearby. One thing that differentiates from other shows is that there is acknowledgement that if the mc was not interested in his little sister that he would go after another potential waifu. However I am not ditracting from the little sister at all as she is super cute. A lot of good waifu material but no outstanding or interesting characters outside of their comedic interactions with each other. 

The story itself does not really go anywhere besides have the little sister character being able to overcome her "depression" and be able to leave her room again. Other than that we have the usual episodes the harem genre preys on but builds on it with increasingly interesting situations. I do not mean interesting as in an actual plot but more of that the situations are increasingly hilarious. The first example was after establishing the character of Elf, a rival to our mc in the light novel world, she is randomly seen not only naked BUT playing the piano. If you enjoy the bizarre or the so the style of so trashy beyond comprehension. Another example would be when the little sister is trying to draw from a model and pulls down the panties of an unsuspecting classmate for this picture. Perfect trash humor.

Now if you don't like trash humor I am afraid that what you heard about the show is mostly true but I would still consider watching it for the experience alone of seeing a literal dumpster fire. I give this anime a final score of a 5/10 and if you have a couple hours to kill to give this show a shot.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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May 27, 2017

(This is based on episodes 1-7, I reserve the right to fair trial based on the evidence at hand, how could I have known the series would (rise/fall) to such a degree. I could not have known the anime would (spring/burn) out into the beautiful (masterpiece/disaster) that it has.) 

Eromanga Sensei is the latest anime adaptation of light novels by Tsukasa Fushimi. The very one who brought you Oreimo (My Little Sister can't be this Cute), the story of Kyousuke, who lives a fairly normal life, finding out that his little sister, Kirino, is an otaku. Spoiler, the anime takes a turn for incest romance as the show goes on. This anime seems to be more the same, and honestly is almost the same story. Though, to it's credit, it tells a better story, and the characters are more likeable in my opinion. Ultimately I'm giving it an overall 6/10 as it reflects how people will either love or hate this anime, and it's not that bad, but also not that great.

The story, despite being better than Oreimo, is still not that great. It's interesting that our main character seems to be a young light novel author who has managed to start selling his books, even if he still doesn't sell incredibly well. Other than that the story is not good, in fact it's rather terrible. Of course, this isn't what you'd watch this anime for, and in that I feel justified in saying story is a 2/10.

The comedy in my opinion is okay, there was a few moments that made me smile, and the occasional chuckle but nothing that made me burst out in laughter, 5/10. The ecchi, is also okay, I guess? It's ecchi, what else can be said, 8/10. It's an ecchi romance, 3/10, and I think that's being generous at this point of the show. It hasn't stepped out of line really, but I don't have a hope for the romance to be anything noteworthy. Based on a light novel 10/10, this is true, there is even light novels in this anime based on light novels. Manga industry 404/10, light novels, the mention of anime, people working behind the scenes, guess it must be manga industry. Seriously, I found this tag funnier than most of show's comedy, which says more about me since I gave the comedy a 5/10.

The animation of the show is good, probably the high point of the series if you ask me. It's vibrant and colorful, and care has gone into it, despite there not being much going on necessarily. Scenes are well populated, and the characters are given a bit of life and movement, which is important in an anime like this where the majority of it is just conversation. Even more so when the environments you visit are generally the same, such as is the case in this anime. I personally think A-1 pictures is pretty solid most of the time, and am going to give the animation an 7/10

When it comes to sound, nothing stood out to me particularly, the voice acting, OP, ED, everything has been okay (not good, but not particularly awful) on this front. However, sound for me gets a 6/10, as when it comes to Eromanga Sensei speaking, the use of speakers is pretty well done. It also does well in knowing when to use that speaker-like sound instead of just plain audio, even though I feel there were times they could've used it but didn't. Though that's maybe the only really noteworthy thing going on with sound.

Characters, from nice guy protagonist who looks like that other anime protagonist, to tsundere princess, and even dandere in a kimono, are all probably going to be appealing to someone. Well except protagonist guy Masamune, the light novel author who aside from having a ridiculous name is a pretty throw away. Then you have Elf Yamada, the tsundere, dressed as a princess, charming enough in a tsundere way, and Muramasa, who's backstory is interesting, which ties into her name, but personality wise didn't interest me. (Also, they're both authors, who also happen to have ridiculous names.) The other notable supporting character is Takasago who works at the bookstore, and is a friend of Masamune. Actually a source of show's more comedic moments. That aside it feels like these characters are their respective dere personified, incredibly generic personality-wise, and over the top in appearance. 

Finally, Eromanga Sensei, Sagiri, the little sister who drew the lewd art. Eromanga Sensei is the man (read as: little sister) who does the illustrations for Masamune's light novels. He is also a blogger, and sometimes livestreams drawing, but despite this has kept his identity well hidden. This is because, he is in fact Sagiri, the little sister of Masamune, who hasn't left her room in a year or something like that. She's a fairly adorable moe blob who speaks softly, draws lewd art, and has feelings for her step brother. When she dons the mask of Eromanga Sensei, she's bold and outspoken, really quite perverted as well. Clearly, this is a result of multiple personality disorder caused by the death of her parents a year (or so) earlier. That or a comedic gag...

Characters get a 7/10, not for originality or anything, but because they do well at being appealing despite their genericness. Also Sagiri is carrying this category on her back let's be honest. 

As I said before, overall I'm gonna give the show a 6/10, as I think it's alright, and most people will likely enjoy it for what it is, really stupid but cute and fun. It's not something I'm dying to see the next episode of, but once the show is finished I'll binge through it. That or I'll forget about it and it'll never get finished, hard to say. 

2/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall