Encouragement of Climb 2 Specials

Alt title: Yama no Susume 2 Specials

DVD Special (2 eps x 15 min)
2014 - 2015
3.318 out of 5 from 362 votes
Rank #10,239
Encouragement of Climb 2 Specials

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Unaired episodes included in the 2nd and 7th BD/DVD volume releases of Encouragement of Climb 2, resepctively.

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The first season OVA for Encouragement of Climb included one feature that would affect the premise of the second season ... the practice of the vertical climb.  This opened up the next level from nature hikes on small hills to the bigger game of season two ... Mt. Fuji! So, I thought that the two OVA's of the second season could be essential to the further development of plot in the upcoming third season.  Well, guess again. Remember what I said in the review of the second season, how there was a scaling back of the 'eye candy effect' of the Kaede character?  Take that back ... with bullets.  The first special was about Kaede and her preference for sports bras.  But Kaede’s BFF in high school and her crew of fellow mountain climber-girls press Kaede to try something more feminine.  This has been a sub-theme in the second season and will probably continue into the next.  So, the girls take Kaede to the mall for that touch of intimate wear.  Kaede sneaks away to a sports and active wear store and convinces Hinata the merits of the sports bra.  But Aoi and Kokona persist and gets Kaede to go to the intimate’s section of a women’s clothing store and try something more girly.  Scenes of embarrassment and overly helpful store clerks and ... voila, Kaede discovers that she can project a whole new person with the 'right stuff.' Many apologies for a dad’s conceptualization of something that was totally a mom-daughter thing.  Let’s move on. Now,  the second OVA was just a little weird. The cast of Encouragement of Climb gather together to celebrate the '10 Best Episodes.'  This is more a collection of scenes that were memorable, except for the stuff that you probably won't recall.  Like the times a tengu (nasty little demon up to no-good) appeared to spread mischief.  Or when Aoi and Hinata tumbled down a flight of stairs and accidentally switched voices (take time to listen to the two girls.  Other than Hinata’s spunkier nature, the two character voices blend well).  Or when Aoi saw the legendary prince and his flying horse on her climb of Fuji ... then later portraying Santa Claus. Oh, you didn't see these either?  So, I don't need to watch the first two seasons all over again?  Allll right!  Okay think of these scenes as highly tweaked for your entertainment. The first OVA meshed well with the music of the first half of the season, but the second lacked any real musical background, other than what you expect to find with celebratory episodes.  And the less of this, the better.  Who listens to background music, anyway? Just say one episode flirted with girlish embarrassment, the second parodied those 'best of' episodes.  At least you couldn't call it re-cap.

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