Elsword: El-ui Yeoin

Alt title: Elsword: El Lady

Web (12 eps)
2016 - 2018
2.57 out of 5 from 313 votes
Rank #8,434

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I really enjoyed the Elsword game but this was not my cup of tea. I got to half of the second episode and I thought, what's the point? I decided to drop it because it's cringey, there was not enough entertaining moments, the only part that was enjoyable was the beginning, before Aisha came in.The characters from what I've seen were not how I remember their original selves. Elsword is passive but in the game, he stood up to Aisha when she starts fighting with him. Aisha is more brash than I saw her in the game. Elesis is a bit more hot-headed than she was in the game. And Eve, instead of conflicting with Aisha, is more apt to siding with her and judging Elsword more.The game's art was great, but the anime's art isn't very good. The characters do look pretty cute and pretty, but not drawn or animated very well. And they made Elesis's hair long instead of in a ponytail. It takes a lot of getting used to Elesis's new hairstyle and I prefer her ponytail style, it makes her look more beautiful.I don't know if the original VA's came back for this game, I'm only listening to the English dub in this game now, but some of the voice actors are pretty bad. The only good voice actor was Elsword, she tried her best to make the character better and he sounds alright from the voice acting, but I don't think the voice acting can save how iffy this character was written. I really was done with it because Aisha never stops yelling at Elsword (but I don't think I ever liked her personality to begin with).

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