Elfen Lied: In the Passing Rain

Alt title: Elfen Lied: Tooriame nite Arui wa, Shoujo wa Ikani Shite Sono Shinjou ni Itatta ka? - Regenschauer

DVD Special (1 ep x 25 min)
3.871 out of 5 from 17,995 votes
Rank #1,826

Poor Nana just is not able to adapt to her new life after being invited to stay in Kouta and Yuka's home. Especially when Lucy, the evil killer she's living with and despises, is turning out to be an incredibly sweet, clueless person named Nyuu who just wants to make others happy. Regardless, Nana is determined not to be shown up by the likes of her and will pull no stops at proving she can be useful too. Whether it be cleaning the floor, scrubbing the windows or even going on walks with the girl she hates the most, Nana is set on fitting into her new household. But through her efforts is she starting to grow close to Nyuu, despite the way she feels about Nyuu's other personality?

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FreddyCrab's avatar
FreddyCrab Dec 19, 2011
Score 8.5/10

Story: Usually when I write reviews for OVAs I use this time to just rant about how the story is pointless and is nothing but 20 minutes of fan-service, but this particular OVA was just as good as the actual series of Elfen Lied, if not better. Set in the middle of the Elfen Lied TV series, this OVA depicts Nana's daily life in Kouta's house as she learns to deal with living in a typical(ish) Japanese... read more

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darczon69 Jun 7, 2011
Score 9/10

This DVD special brought a much-needed explanation to the relation between Nana and Nyuu/Lucy. Also, the flashback into Lucy's memories only furthers the character development. I enjoyed both the light-hearted competition in the start and the more mature ending. In any case, this should be watched between episodes 10 and 11.
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