Elf-ban Kakyuusei

Alt title: Kakyuusei: Elf Version

OVA (4 eps)
3.146 out of 5 from 394 votes
Rank #13,168

Life is full of choices for high school hunk Tohru Nagase. While waiting for his home to be reconstructed, Tohru is invited to stay at fellow classmate Mizuho Yuuki's home, but she just happens to have a friend, Miko Kamiyama, who is crazy about Tohru! To top matters off, underclassman Ai Minamizato also has her eyes set on him and Mizuho is becoming frustrated at the way Tohru leads these girls on. But is she also developing feelings for the boy? It's going to be an emotional ride full of panty-shots and big, plump breasts for Tohru, who is just too much of a nice guy to tell any of these girls no!

Content Warning

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