Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

Alt title: Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

TV (26 eps)
3.698 out of 5 from 1,928 votes
Rank #2,526
Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

When his new high school's dormitory burns down, Yushi Inaba is left scrambling to find housing that a sixteen year-old orphan can afford. The only place he finds is an old apartment building called Kotobuki-so, where the rent is cheap and the building is... haunted?! A ghostly boy wanders the halls with his dog. The cook is completely invisible except for her hands. And the landlord is a giant youkai, who doesn't like it when the rent is late! The unfazed human residents live right alongside their unearthly neighbors; and now that Yushi has joined their community, his life is about to get much stranger!

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Yushi and Kotobuki-so image

Episode 1

Yushi and Kotobuki-so

The Residents of the Yokai Apartments image

Episode 2

The Residents of the Yokai Apartments

Kuri and Shiro image

Episode 3

Kuri and Shiro

This Side image

Episode 4

This Side

A Place to Call Home image

Episode 5

A Place to Call Home

Petit Hierozoicon image

Episode 6

Petit Hierozoicon

I'm in Training image

Episode 7

I'm in Training

Bookmaster image

Episode 8


New Term image

Episode 9

New Term

School Ghost Stories? image

Episode 10

School Ghost Stories?

The Worst Possible Meeting image

Episode 11

The Worst Possible Meeting

I'm Going to the Future image

Episode 12

I'm Going to the Future

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