Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

Alt title: Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

TV (26 eps)
3.705 out of 5 from 2,547 votes
Rank #3,056
Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

When his new high school's dormitory burns down, Yushi Inaba is left scrambling to find housing that a sixteen year-old orphan can afford. The only place he finds is an old apartment building called Kotobuki-so, where the rent is cheap and the building is... haunted?! A ghostly boy wanders the halls with his dog. The cook is completely invisible except for her hands. And the landlord is a giant youkai, who doesn't like it when the rent is late! The unfazed human residents live right alongside their unearthly neighbors; and now that Yushi has joined their community, his life is about to get much stranger!

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Elegant Yokai Apartment Life - A Slice of the Supernatural Story (6/10): "Elegant Yokai Apartment Life" is a supernatural slice-of-life anime that follows the life of Yushi Inaba, a high school student who moves into an apartment complex inhabited by both humans and yokai (spirits and demons). The story explores Yushi's encounters with these supernatural beings, his personal growth, and the development of various relationships. While the premise is interesting and offers a unique twist on the typical high school genre, the pacing can be inconsistent, with some episodes feeling episodic and disconnected from the main narrative. However, it manages to balance humor, drama, and the supernatural elements quite well. Animation (6/10): The animation in "Elegant Yokai Apartment Life" is serviceable but not particularly remarkable. It maintains a consistent quality throughout the series, with character designs that are expressive and distinct. While it doesn't reach the visual heights of more high-budget productions, it effectively conveys the atmosphere of the story. Sound (6/10): The soundtrack of the anime complements its supernatural themes and slice-of-life moments. It includes a mix of soothing tunes and eerie melodies, which help set the mood for different scenes. Voice acting performances are solid, with the cast effectively portraying the diverse range of characters, both human and yokai. Characters (7/10): The characters in the series are diverse and interesting, each with their own quirks and backgrounds. Yushi's character development, as he learns to coexist with the yokai and discover his own potential, is a central focus and is executed well. The interactions between human and yokai characters provide both comedic and heartwarming moments. Overall (6/10): "Elegant Yokai Apartment Life" offers a unique blend of the supernatural and slice-of-life genres. While it may not reach the heights of some other anime in these categories, it provides an enjoyable and occasionally thought-provoking experience. If you're a fan of stories that explore the coexistence of humans and supernatural beings, this anime is worth a watch. Regarding a comparison to the manga/novel, "Elegant Yokai Apartment Life" is primarily known as an anime series, with its source material being a light novel. While the manga adaptation exists, the anime is the more prominent and recognized version of the story, making it a suitable starting point for those interested in exploring this supernatural world. 

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