ef - a tale of memories: Prologue

OVA (1 ep x 5 min)
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Since this doesn’t appear on the U.S. I had to search around and watch what is listed online as the prologue, which is somewhat odd as it’s not really a prologue to the season. Rather it’s a clip from mid season, occurring directly after Kei walks in on Hiro and Miyako asleep in bed together. As a prologue this doesn’t set the stage for anything and doesn’t give any backstory to the season, it’s more of a teaser trailer for people who want to watch a show about squabbling teenagers.  Story - 1/10 While even a short two or three minute clip could add to a show, this didn’t. If anything it flew in the face of the characters created in the show, where Miyako is seen as the vindictive jerk, rubbing her relationship in Kei’s face, as opposed to the opposite dynamic we see in the series. Animation - 4/10 See Series Review. Sound - 8/10 Besides the clip of Miyako being cruel to Kei, the “Prologue” contains a short music video. The song in this little clip is far better than the Intro or Outro used in the series, and I would have enjoyed hearing it instead of either of those two. It slightly reminds me, at least during the intro, of Muse’s Resistance mixed with late nineties dance Techno. Characters - 2/10 As I said earlier, the characters aren’t so much bad because they’re not written well, but bad because they actually contradict what we learn in the story.  Overall - 2/10 Besides being a decent music video, this was a pointless addition to the story that really brings nothing to the party.

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