Eden of The East Movie II: Paradise Lost

Alt title: Higashi no Eden Movie II: Paradise Lost

Movie (1 ep x 92 min)
4.176 out of 5 from 8,994 votes
Rank #841

After proclaiming himself to be the illegitimate son of Prime Minister Iinuma, Akira is in hot water with not only the other Selecaos, but also Chiguse, the Prime Minister’s wife. With several Selecaos now out of the game and the identity of Mr. Outside still unknown, Akira, Saki and the members of Eden of the East must continue their quest to get to the bottom of things and build a better future for Japan.

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Round and round it goes and it doesnt stop. Thats how my head feels right now. Criptic and chaotic is one thing for artistic value, but they didnt just go overboard this time, they torched the ship too.  While the series has a fast pace(mostly) and it is somewhat confusing, in the 2 sequel movies, the confusion reaches ridiculous hights. We barely have any idea what is happening and to be honest, I dont think the creator had either.  Animation is still wonderful, with good music and pretty good characters, but the story is basically inextistent. I watched Kara no Kyoukai in release order, so im not too easy to confuse, but here: Oh, God!!! Even when its not confusing, the story arcs are completely unnecessary(the mother arc). The ending is somewhat good. More or less realistic and I actually liked the telephone idea, but the rest... Spoiler:  Also, the romantic part. I liked both main characters and actually wanted them to be together. Happy endings are good(SAO for example and I mean the first season, not the shit after it) or at least make a complete ending(like Code Geass, when the ending is very sad, but its the best I have ever seen), but here, we get an ending, that is basically neutral when it comes to changing your mood, and it just feels lackluster. A good example would be Zankyou no Terror, when the ending is spectacular, complete and the main characters actually achieve their goal. More or less. Thats how you end something like this.  Overall: The series starts out wonderfully. I thought that this would be one of my favorites after the first 4 episodes, loses pace completely for like 4 episodes, but saves face in the last few. Then come 2 movies in which the story goes haywire and I honestly dont think that anyone had a plan on how to finish it going into the movies. I recommend watching the series, but the movies...To be honest I think they will just piss you off. Overall score for the 2 movies is 6.5, but only because besides the story, the other aspects are very good. I still wouldnt recommend it. Eden of the East is a disappointment in the end. Too bad...


As a Higashi no Eden fan, I believe fans deserve a much better ending from writer Kenji Kamiyama. Paradise Lost went against the entire suspenseful plot of the Eden franchise in general. The mystery of the game is inexplicable. There’s no romance between the two main characters. It disappointingly concludes the Higashi no Eden series with illogical conclusions, no clarifications, and even more questions leading to cliffhangers. This is no longer a dangerous game as it was portrayed to be. Mr. Outside makes an appearance, and he doesn’t fit the script of a criminal mastermind or an evil villain. There are last minute changes to the game in the last few minutes of the movie, and it eliminates all of the seriousness that occurred throughout the series thus far. Apart from that, the game ends without revealing the Supporter and explaining anything about how Juiz operates. As in the anime series, Takizawa ends everything with a bizarre move, and everyone wonders “What is he doing” and “Why is he doing this.” No one know what Takizawa is thinking, and he never explains himself. Also, it ends in a goofy fashion when the series appeared to be serious. There is no happily ever after between the two main characters. Nothing changes with Takizawa and Saki, and they spend no alone time together. While Takizawa is dealing with the drama of being the successor to the throne, Saki sets off to search for his long-lost mother. After everything’s over, Takizawa and Saki basically go their separate ways again. At times like these, I would turn over to the adaptations for an alternative ending. Sadly, there is no manga in relation to Higashi no Eden, and the novels written by Kenji Kamiyama are the same as the TV series. My advice is to read reviews on Higashi no Eden II: Paradise Lost before beginning the Higashi no Eden series altogether. The series starts on a good note, but the final ending is mediocre and twists the entire plot. If you already watched the series, then you may feel the need to complete it. However, don’t get your hopes up, because the dedication that you put towards the entire series will probably result in a heartbreak.

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