Dynamic Chord

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2017
2.289 out of 5 from 208 votes
Rank #17,846

Follow the lives of four hot boy bands under the “DYNAMIC CHORD” agency and music label. There’s progressive rock band rêve parfait; newcomer Liar-S; veteran rock band KYOHSO; and international sensation, apple-polisher.

Source: HIDIVE

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Being a little over generous with my rating... but whatever Story - There isn't really much story... It's just about the band, rêve parfait's "shenanigans"... And I say shenanigans in quotes because it's just them wasting time by getting involved in the other band's problems. Not saying they shouldn't help the other bands out... but... it was just boring? pointless? Like the anime could involve their "shenanigans", but something more...? But then again... it could just be the animation making the story worse than it's supposed to... Animation - Ohhhh my goodness! There were too many scenes where they just slowly pan up, down, away, or whatever. The art isn't bad, but too little action. Could've been a 6 episode anime if they just cut out all the panning and get to the point. I've read some other people say the parts where the bands play is terribly animated, I wouldn't say so. To me, it feels like a style of animation. But what I can say is that by the very end of the anime, it's kinda annoying to see them use the same band clips over and over again... But don't a lot of animes reuse footage? So the overuse of footage doesn't bother too much, only the panning... Sound - I would say the music is 1 of the 2 redeeming qualities of this anime. Shouta AOI is a singer for one of the bands so that's nice to listen to :)Characters - This is the 2nd of the 2 redeeming qualities... but then again, not so much. The characters are very visually appealing and have very colourful eyes. And that's about it... haha... You don't really get to know the characters too well because of the animation... so in a way they appear flat?yea... I don't really know what to say about this anime besides it's super slow...


Dynamic Chord claims to be a documentary movie revolving around 4 male idol bands: reve parfait, Liar-S, Kyoso, and apple-polisher. However, it proved to be an aimless, and shallow anime with it’s lack of direction, and one-noted characters. Despite its shortcomings, I gave the anime a 6/10 rating because the character designs were decent, and some of the songs were acceptable.  Characters (6/10)  The one-noted characters in Dynamic Chord lack depth. One character in particular left a bad impression on me because of his limited vocal range, and low-pitched voice: Sakura Hinoyama. He is the lead vocalist for Liar-S. In the anime setting, Liar-S was popular enough to get a world tour. But Sakura’s voice was barely hearable. His voice was so low. I had to crank up the volume on my TV browser to hear him sing.  Also, the anime primarily focuses on the band members for reve parfait. The band’s member roles are named after chess piece roles like king, bishop, knight, and rook. Their king (Reno) has a sweet tooth for chocolate ice cream, and parfaits.  Story (6/10)  The plot is dragged out, and stretched out. After losing his sickly girlfriend, the red-haired Yorito is wondering what his purpose was for singing. Yorito eventually leaves his band. Normally, you would expect the band mates to be upset, frustrated, or angered by a missing band member. Instead, Yorito’s band mates are chasing after his footprints while visiting places like shrines and graves. They justify that by saying, “We are adults. He must have his special circumstances for leaving the band”. In the end, his former bandmates spend multiple episodes tracking him down since his whereabouts are unknown. Then, there’s multiple episodes of reve parfait enjoying themselves while having fun at beaches, and hot spring resorts.  In summary, I will not recommend this anime to a friend. If you are not attracted by the character designs and songs, the anime might seem boring and shallow to you.

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