Dwaejiui Wang

Alt title: The King of the Pigs

Movie (1 ep x 96 min)
3.443 out of 5 from 68 votes
Rank #3,401

After his business goes bankrupt, thirty-something Kyung-min kills his wife impulsively. Hiding his anger, he seeks out his former middle school classmate Jong-suk. Jong-suk now works as a ghost writer for an autobiography, but he dreams of writing his own novel. For the first time in 15 years they meet. Kyung-min and Jong-suk both hide their own current situations and begin to talk about their middle school days. At their middle school, they were classified by their wealth, grades as well as stature. Kyung-min and Jong-suk were at the bottom. They were called "pigs" and were bullied by a ruling class known as "dogs". When they were called pigs they got angry, but couldn't do anything against the dogs. Then a King of Pigs appears - Kim Chul. Kyung-min and Jong-suk became to rely on Kim Chul. Whilst in the present Kyung-min leads Jong-suk to their middle school grounds to disclose to Jong-suk the shocking truth about what happened to Chul 15 years ago.

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