Durarara!! Episode 1 - Exit 1 / First Words

Ryuugamine Mikado, a young man longing for something special to happen in his life, moves to Ikebukuro at the invitation of his friend, Kida Masaomi. He will begin a new life, living alone, as a high school student. He arrives in Tokyo for the first time in his life. Bedazzled by this new world, Masaomi gives him a warning: "If you want to live peacefully here, stay away from Heiwajima Shizuo, Orihara Izaya, and the mysterious color gang the "Dollars." Just then, he heard a sound similar to the neigh of a horse. Mikado and Masaomi follow the sound to its source and come across what they'd thought was only an urban legend: the "Headless Rider", atop a pitch-black motorcycle...

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Episode 1

Exit 1 / First Words

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Episode 2

Highly Unpredictable

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Episode 3

Rampant Evil

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Episode 4

Utterly Alone

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Episode 5

False Advertising

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Episode 6

Active Interest

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Episode 7

Bad-ass Dude

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Episode 8

Ephemeral Dream

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Episode 9

Love and Cherish

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Episode 10

Never Before Seen

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Episode 11

Storm and Stress

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Episode 12

Yin and Yang

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In the year 2010, on a day called ‘Careless Monday', ten missiles hit the cities of Japan; miraculously, there are no casualties and the event quickly fades from public memory. Some time later, Saki Morimi decides to visit Washington, DC on her graduation trip to America, but that day begins a series of bizarre events. After getting into trouble with...

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NeverThatBored NeverThatBored says

Both of these shows are what I would call truly "modern" animes. Though cell phones and such have been featured in animes for years, these shows both use modern technology and the power of the internet heavily as a part of the plotline and center around the power of connectivity and the internet generation.

eaper eaper says

Each of these series have a lot of things going on that make it rather confusing and hard to keep up with, but manage to be great series. Other than that, it is kind of just a feeling that draws these series together in my mind.

NimirRa NimirRa says

Durarara and Eden of the East are two exciting, by the seat-of-your-pants type shows. With very interesting yet mysterious plots, they keep you guessing until the last minute. If you liked the fast paced action of one be sure to check out the other!



Japan has reclaimed its former glory under the guidance of Kings, charismatic individuals wielding incredible powers. But now, one of the Red King's vassals has been murdered, and a viral video shows the killer's confession at the scene. He is one Yashiro Isana, claiming to be the Colorless King; and he is now a wanted man - not only to the Red King's...

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DarkEmerl123 DarkEmerl123 says

Both series have a similar atmosphere and setting (both are set in a big city) and both have a large amount of characters  and you get to find out about each of them, although Durarara!! has more. There are also gangs involved with both anime. If you liked one, you should definitely check out the other.

Gavia Gavia says

Both K and Durarara have plots involving students who get themselves involved and large power struggles between rivaling gangs. Both casts are large, but full of memorable characters. Both contain supernatural elements as well. Furthermore, both of these have the setting be a large city.

Karasune Karasune says

In both K and Durarara!!, you get to see things through the viewpoints of various characters. Numerous questions are raised. Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? Is this character as innocent as they claim to be? What do they have to do with anything? With large casts and lots of stuff happening at once, you may want to remember names and faces. The story doesn't make much sense in either series until later on as things start to come together, so be prepared to buckle up. 

There are still a few more things these two share - both are set in a large city, there are different gangs going at each other, and there's even some supernatural stuff going on to spice things up. It's undeniable - if you liked one, you should definitely be interested in the other. 

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront

After a breach between Earth and the netherworld opens up over New York, humans and creatures from other dimensions become trapped in an impenetrable bubble that surrounds the city. Forced to coexist in a new city known as Salem’s Lot, the shaky peace between humanity and the netherworld creatures is protected by an underground group of super humans...

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Blood Blockade Battlefront pretty much reminded of me Durarara because of the anime style and characters. Both had action, comedy and good characters

DevillAngel DevillAngel says

Both shows center around a main character that has come to a new city and finds themselves surrounded by a unique set of individuals. Both animes are also set in cities where things that would be crazy anywhere else are just another day there. Both have action, comedy, and intresting characters. The feel of the Blood Blockade Battlefront also reminded me of Durara in that the plot gets better and more complex as the show continues. In my opinion Durarara is the superior show, but both are worth a watch, so if you like one you should check the other out.

Joplin Joplin says

The information spreads like fire and the thrill is unmatched. Just like Drrr!!, something is brewing, and every episode will tell you a bit of each characters' story. Also, the side humour. Don't forget that!