DT Eightron

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DT Eightron

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DT Eightron is one of those shows that practically all anime fans turned their backs away from because it was full of things they hated and never wanted to see in anime. Ok, it is understood up to a point; but it is not a show that can’t entertain you if you look past the obvious. The first thing I and probably most others thought of when we glimpsed at the pilot episode is how it looked a lot like a Neon Genesis Evangelion rip-off. I mean, the main character Shuu is identical to Shinji, May is exactly like Misato, and the list goes on. Plus, the world is dystopian, it has mechas fighting weird contraptions, and the finale has to do with the end of the world. Well, ok, I can see the similarities too but it’s not as if it is IDENTICAL to NGE. In fact, it is a blend of mostly western dystopian sci-fi stories rather than eastern. Under normal circumstances this show should be welcomed as a very good mix of various great ideas from here and there. Blaming it to be an imitation is not much of a reason to not like it. There were other problems with the show though. Its budget is extremely low and thus it feels hard to enjoy it when there were shows around the same time with far better production values. I myself had to make several intermissions while marathoning it. I am usually able to watch a full season on one go if there is a good plot and interesting characters involved and this one had them in spades. But the visuals, man, they were painfully crude and tiresome most of the way. Plus, the high budget feeling of NGE and the thought it plagiarizes it, only increased the feeling of distrust. If I didn’t have anything else to watch at the moment, chances are I would have dropped it. But as you can guess I didn’t and thus I completed it in about three days of weary patience.There are other problems too, aside from the poor production values. The action is really underwhelming and random, with mostly bad choreography. In fact, it felt as if there was action in it just to slow down the progress of the story; plus it was quite distasteful compared to the very interesting story elements it has. Meaning, the battles are crappy and only manage to further increase your frustration around the show. It has to do with really unappealing in appearance robots doing crude spars, and it is all resolved with cheap magic deus ex machina means all the time. If the show was being realistic in its battles, the heroes would all be dead in the pilot episode, yet the lead robot keeps being on the show just to save them with improbable ways every time. Which is yet another thing that went wrong with the show. The lead robot, which the series is even named after, is uber lame to stare for more than a few seconds. What’s with that ridiculous hat it wears and the flowing scarf in the back? And it screams like a retard. Plus it has so many broken powers that no problem is impossible for it to solve, no mater how hard it seems. The opponents had simply no chance at winning, and that took away a lot of the scary feeling of the show, as the characters would otherwise have to fight on every step of the way and making this show a heavy action-survival adventure. Which would be cool if it wasn’t all trashed with magic conveniences all the way. For a grim sci-fi setting, that is quite unacceptable; the characters are supposed to have a hard time surviving with their own abilities. As if that is not enough of a negative list, there are also several pacing issues. Some parts feel like they drag too much, some episodes are mostly filler, some parts feel too rushed and story exposition is usually done with long monologues. And the ending is such a mess with what is going on! What exactly is going on anyway? It was very confusing and felt as if they ran out of time. I think there was supposed to be a sequel movie to wrap up things but it was never made.So you would think it is nothing but one big failure; right? Not entirely as I did get to enjoy other aspects of the show. The story in particular is extremely complicating and interesting, with the exposition occurring one step at a time, while there is a lot of time offered at fleshing out its main characters. You can see how the animators had really bright ideas on paper but simply lacked money and talent to show them properly on practice; which is a shame. If you can see past the action and the lame robot battles, you are actually offered a very intriguing world, full of death and misery, with characters that are more than what they appear to be. Also, the animators were kind enough to NOT turn the females into sluts by filling the show with retarded fan service. And the males are also not brutes on steroids posing like idiots while evading a hundred bullets and smashing walls with their fists. I must congratulate them for showing respect and love to the characters and not using them as superficial eye candy, despite the various problems they had in the story. I understand how an average viewer would not like this show for being a poorly made NGE clone with bad pacing, awful action and confusing ending. And no poser males, horny sluts, huge robots blowing up planets, and the shitz. Ok, these are all entertaining elements and any show should have them just for the sake of enjoyment. But I also say that a show should be MORE about the characters and the story and LESS about superficial entertainment. If it has both then ok but in this case DT Eightron had a lot of the first and practically none of the later and that is the whole fuss of why it is so underwhelming for most. SUGGESTION LIST Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ergo Proxy, Cashern SinsWestern movies: Logan's Run, THX 1138, Nineteen Eighty-Four


This is a great show to watch for Sci-Fi fans. The story presents some really good ideas with notable influences from THX 1138 for Datania (the city at the center of the story) and is very similar to Ergo Proxy in the world, theme, and unfortunately in the ending, which is left open to interpretation, or rather, in this case, it seems to be cut short, probably due to cancellation. The story takes place in 2187, at this point in the world several wars have devasted the land, destroying all vegetation. It is no longer possible for humans to live on the outside, especially when the sun is up. So people have created dome or underground cities to survive. The atmosphere makes it impossible to communicate over long distances, so cities have lost track of each other. Datania is a city that breeds humans, mostly children, to use as slave workforce, suppressing their emotions and making them obedient to just follow orders without thinking. But some people have been able to break free of this control and look to scape this city in order to survive and live free of the control. In fact, some people outside are also looking to help these children escape. Shu is one of these kids that have broken free of control and successfully scape with the help from people outside. Character development is about Shu learning to think by himself and take control over his own actions, emotions and also about learning about the world and how do we get to live this way. As the story progresses we learn who is really controlling the world they live in and that the aftermath of war may not have ended. Both animation & sound are outdated and lacking quality.

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