Dropkick on My Devil!

Alt title: Jashin-chan Dropkick

TV (11 eps)
2.751 out of 5 from 827 votes
Rank #6,121

Jashin-chan, a devil from Hell was abruptly summoned to the human world by Yurine Hanazono, a stoic college student who lives in a run-down apartment in Jinbocho. They're forced to become roommates since Yurine doesn't know how to send Jashin-chan back. But according to Jashin-chan, she could return by killing Yurine, so she takes action...?! A viperous roomie comedy that keeps you on your toes!

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AustinDR Sep 22, 2018
Score 6.5/10

Another series I had been watching is called Dropkick on My Devil! This anime concerns a lamia by the name of Jashin who was a "evil goddess" that was summoned by a young woman named Yurine. Displeased by this, Jashin spends a duration of the anime trying to find ways to end Yurine and return to Hell. Unfortunately for her, Yurine has a wide array of different weapons all of which she is adept at... read more

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