Drifters: Special Edition

OVA (1 ep x 42 min)
3.985 out of 5 from 1,330 votes
Rank #1,051
Drifters: Special Edition

An edited version of the first and second episodes of the Drifters TV series.

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So this type of anime is not something I usually watch, or care to watch for that matter, but I ended watching it because of a few reasons (The DAMC is one of them). I tried not to be too low in the score, since I can see how some people may like this type of show, but it usually is not my field to explore. Story 7/10 The story was pretty solid and, to my surprise, very well laid out for the viewer. There was enough blend to begin the show and worked smoothly to flow each part from one to the next.  However, there were some little gags along the way in the show that helped to lighten the mood, which this anime needed at times, but felt out of place. There were also a good number of cliffhangers that I am sure are answered in the actual t.v. series of Drifters, so thumbs up on keeping the audience interested. Animation 5/10 Now before everyone goes completely crazy on why this score is so low, I have a few explanations. The first is, I am not into all the bloodshed and gore that this anime is loaded with. Also, the animation reminds me of AoT which I find unappealling to my eyes yet, to the right viewer, could be amazing. The style of animation is pretty much "either you love it, or you hate it" and I just happen to be the later of the two. Sound 6/10 Here, I decided to take into account the amount of emotional effects (through usage of words) that the characters had on me. You can tell that there is a lot of emotion in the way they talk and even in the various yells/screams that are heard through the anime. It had clear points of when something was upsetting, gruesome, or serious. However, trying to compete with the comedy aspect of the anime, they fell short in trying to appeal to humour of the audience and it felt a little awkward. Characters 6/10 It almost feels a little unfair to rate the characters so low, at least when dealing with the main ones. In this anime, you learn a little bit about japanese culture from the main protagonists which was pretty cool. You also learn a little bit about where they are located and what their great purpose was in ancient Japan. However, I had to remove some points for the random other characters that were sprinkled throughout the anime. They seemed rushed and overlooked, even though it was only a 42 minute (45 including credits), and left a sense of confusion on what the viewer was supposed to know about them. A few seemed very important so it was a shame to see them overlooked so easily in the anime. Reviewed for the DAMC (Daily Anime Marathon Club)

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