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Fall 2016
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Toyohisa Shimazu is a fierce samurai who, in the aftermath of a fight with the Tokugawa regiment, suddenly finds himself in a strange corridor far from the bloodied grasslands of the battlefield. Before he can ask any questions, the shocked fighter finds himself sucked through a door in the wall and promptly lands in an unfamiliar place populated by kindly elves. There he meets with two infamous warriors, Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi, who have met the same fate as him. However, not all is well in this new world as the brutal Black King aims to destroy everything. Now, with a battle raging between the fiercest warriors from throughout history, could this trio of Japanese Samurai be the only ray of hope in a land threatened by darkness?

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Fight Song image

Episode 1

Fight Song

Footsteps image

Episode 2


Army of Ours--Sortie at Dawn image

Episode 3

Army of Ours--Sortie at Dawn

Active Heart image

Episode 4

Active Heart

Bring Back Love image

Episode 5

Bring Back Love

Men of Destiny  image

Episode 6

Men of Destiny

Chaos Diver image

Episode 7

Chaos Diver

Mystery Call Me image

Episode 8

Mystery Call Me

Serious Bomber image

Episode 9

Serious Bomber

Baba Yetu image

Episode 10

Baba Yetu

The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo ~Bullet Counting Song~ image

Episode 11

The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo ~Bullet Counting Song~

Staring at Shinsengumi ~The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man~ image

Episode 12

Staring at Shinsengumi ~The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man~

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Gzerble's avatar
Gzerble Oct 29, 2016
Score 6.2/10

Drifters had a lot of hype behind it. Hellsing has an iconic place in anime history, and this is supposedly what comes next from the people behind it... and boy does it show. The art style is distinct and very much geared to be memorable, it has the same bits of silliness interspersed in the super-seriousness, and there are plenty of people getting hacked to bits. These are all good things. But people forget... read more

ofekaz's avatar
ofekaz Dec 24, 2016
Score 8/10

This anime was exceptional. It didn't take it self too seriously. It was just so much fun to watch!  Its a type of anime I would recommend someone to watch if he just want to sit back and enjoy good explosions, head cutting and just alot of blood. The characters in this anime just live to fight, nothing more and the creator really manage to capture those people in the best way possible. The story... read more

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