Dream Festival!

Web (12 eps x 24 min)
Fall 2016
3.405 out of 5 from 669 votes
Rank #7,910
Dream Festival!

The Dream Festival is the stage that all idols dream of singing on, with their professional debut on the line. In order to get there, idols work their hardest every day to perfect their performance... and the key to coming out on top is the Dream Festival Cards sent by fans to their favorite idols. Receiving these Cards makes the idols who make it to the stage shine even brighter. Now head to the Dream Festival with your Dream Festival Card in hand for the idol you love most!

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*Warning: rating and review are only based on the first episode. Will be updated after finishing or dropping this anime.* I'm new to this whole Idol trend that seems to have cropped up. UtaPri proved to me that I can (REALLY) like these type of shows but I've yet to look beyond that show. For my second attempt, Dream Festival! is...not bad. I'm already drawing several comparisons but there are also several differences that are the main reason why I'm giving this show at least three episdoes. Other than the fact that the characters have color-coded hair (seriously does every show like this do that?), there were several aspects of them that stood out to a degree from other characters similar to them. So far only Amamiya Kanade (the red haired one) has really gotten a chance to shine but shine he did. I'll admit that he's one of the main reasons I'm staying with this show. His lack of passion for anything yet wholehearted effort that caught the attention of Mikami Haruto (an Idol who basically scouted him) held my interest but it was his understanding and rediscovering of passion during the audition that won me over. The whole idea of the Dream Festival cards, cards that hold the fans' feelings and excitement that get sent flying through the air to the Idols is the part that truly has me interested. Even what came after wasn't enough to stop me from wanting to know more about this whole invention. But this wasn't without some issues. The main point was the whole transformation scene and song and dance that followed. The whole cards giving the Idols parts of outfits kinda works (especially once you realize this is based on a mobile game) but was not what I expecting. The fact that sequence was in...really rather bad CG was understandable but not good. The part that was not understandable was the fact that the three characters were CG all through their song and dance and it was really bad. On the level of the basketballs in Dear Boys being early form CG and looking like they exsisted on another plane of existence. The song was not bad but I couldn't really appreciate it for that reason. Not that the animation overall was that fabulous but it still really stood out. Also there is the fact that it already appears rather familar in some respects. While I don't always mind shows that are very similar to each other, particuarly if the characters can win me over, this is a concern that will be carried through every forthcoming episode. Am I going to continue watching it? Yes. But unless I'm won over, I'll be taking it basicaly episode by episode. There are just too many other promising shows this season to hang on to every one. As for recommending it to others, I think it depends on how much you like these type of shows and watching similar ones. If you've never seen one like this before, I highly recommend watching Uta no Prince Sama first. It has three seasons with a fourth simulcasting now. You won't completely appreciate this show without knowing what it's drawing from.

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