DRAMAtical Murder

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DRAMAtical Murder

Aoba lives on Hekishima, a small island to the southwest of the main islands of Japan. He lives with his grandmother Tae while working part time at a junk shop. The popular pastimes on the island are the ongoing turf war called "Libstease" and an online game set in the virtual world of "Rhyme." Aoba isn't involved in either, preferring to live peacefully, until one day he is forced into a Rhyme battle.

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Noriko's avatar
Noriko Jul 21, 2014
Score 7/10

This review may contain: Some minor spoilers Mature themes Explicit language So DRAMAtical Murder is a very famous BL game, but can it's anime adaptation catch up to the quality of the game? I played the game, even thought I'm not a fan of BL and yaoi. I loved the story and all, except the explicit scenes However I WILL admit that Aoba's moaning in-game is a talent... *ahem* moving on to the... read more

PoeticHorrorShow5287's avatar
PoeticHorrorShow5287 Sep 22, 2014
Score 3/10

Some Spoilers Ensue: Before I begin let me just say that the low scores are for the anime only. For those of you who don't know, this show was derived from an explicit yaoi dating simulator. The visual novel featured 12 different endings. There was usually a good, and at least one bad for every character. There was also a specific ending for Virus and Trip as well. The true end to the game was meant to be the... read more

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