Dragonaut: The Resonance

TV (25 eps)
2007 - 2008
Fall 2007
3.161 out of 5 from 6,763 votes
Rank #5,299

Several years ago, Jin Kamishina's family was killed in what appeared to have been a space shuttle accident. A few years later he is suddenly attacked by a strange monster, but is saved by a strange girl named Toa who possesses superhuman strength and can transform into a dragon. Jin finds out that the accident was not due to an error by his father, the pilot, but rather as a result of a collision with an object from outer space – the asteroid Thanatos, the source of destructive dragons appearing on Earth. As they make new friends and enemies, Jin and Toa now find themselves becoming increasingly entangled in the mysteries of the ISDA – a shadowy organization working to protect humanity – and the dragons themselves...

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Nice visuals, dreadful storytelling and terrible CGI. Hm, I must be talking about GONZO. (1) Dragonaut is about some boobs surrounded by robotic dragons… in space. (2) No, wait, it actually is about alien dragons invading and a boy teams up with a girl and along with their mecha dragon go to stop them. (3) No, wait, there actually are a lot more things going on in this anime. Too bad I forgot them all because of point (1).The story is typical in its concept but with proper directing they could still have pulled something decent out of it. Nothing of masterwork level but at least not boring or forgettable. Well, shucks, looks like that is all we got because the animators were more concerned about throwing in as many boobs as possible and completely neglected the storyboard. So although the scenario is about some conspiracy from another planet to take over the solar system and there are dragons here and there, and the pilots need to resonate with one another to stop all that, plus some shady organizations and secret agendas here and there… the only thing you end up remembering is booboobooboobs. That is the only thing they cared about. The rest of the plot ends up being random things happening around random times and random people. Do you know what’s funnier? This is not a strictly ecchi comedy; it is also mecha, adventure, action, romance, mystery, conspiracy. Too bad they shelved all the rest for lame and tired fan service. Plus it is not a 12 episode series but a full season one; you end up feeling double as bored if nothing is going on for so long. What exactly were the producers thinking while making this? Were they even thinking? Did they think it would work with just that? It’s not like the market was starving for animated porn back then or that there weren’t good shows airing at that time. Were they even from planet Earth or maybe they were Martians like the dragons, unable to see the obvious from all the way there on their planet? Whatever the reasons may have been, the story is plain BS.The art is very good as long as it stays 2D. Spaceships and characters were nicely made, backgrounds had cool sci-fi settings to stare with awe. But unfortunately, they had to throw in as much as CGI as possible, believing it would make the action more likable. Those Martian directors once again missed the point as the 3D models were terrible to stare for more than a few seconds. And to think most of the action is around CGI dragons, your interest is murdered right there. What you are left with besides them is … boobs. Meh… The sound department is … ok I guess. The main theme is good and it somehow reminded me of Persona games. Not a good thing to say if the show needs to stand on its own. Voice actors were again ok for what they were left to work with but the terrible story and the blunt characters sure didn’t allow them to make a great job even if they wanted to. The cast seemed like an interesting bunch at first but terrible visuals and lack of direction ruined them. None of them develops or matures. None of them makes sense half the time. Plus, there are so many females in this show and they all have boobs they love to giggle. How interesting… not. They were as alien to me as the producers of the anime.So down to it, is there anything worthy in this show? Boobs? We have lots of anime around that. Three dimensional dragons? Even the first Digimon series had better looking than these. The story? What story? My 10 year old niece can do a better job. The characters? I hardly remember them because of the terrible storytelling and focus on boobs. They weren’t special to begin with. There is nothing humanely likable in this anime because the directors don’t understand the emotions of our species. So I recommend we stuff them and every copy of Dragonaut in a space shuttle and send them to Mars. I’m sure the little green men there will enjoy this feature more than we did.

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