Dragon Ball Z Movie 4: Lord Slug

Alt title: Dragon Ball Z Movie 04: Super Saiyajin da Son Gokuu

Movie (1 ep x 52 min)
3.343 out of 5 from 11,613 votes
Rank #9,639

A spaceship crashes into the Earth, despite the efforts of Goku and Kuririn to stop it. The evil Namekian, Emperor Slug, emerges from the ship and soon learns of the Dragonballs. After his minions gather the Dragonballs for him, Slug wishes for his youth back and becomes an unstoppable force. Soon, Piccolo and Goku show up to rescue Gohan and defeat Slug, but Slug turns out to have a few tricks up his sleeve. However, Goku has a few surprises of his own...

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