Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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The CGI animation, an attempt to save money since the studio knows a lot of people are going to watch it no matter how cheap it looks, is definitely going to be a turnoff for most who liked the far more polished look of the Broly film. It is not terrible but having to get used to that after 25 years of being 2D ain’t easy. And the animators knew that, since whenever there is a flashback to previous events, they keep it in 2D since they know people will be pissed if they saw nostalgic moments in a completely different style. Anyways, assuming that is not a problem for you and you expect to see 2 hours worth of non-stop action, which is what Dragonball has become after plot and characters became an afterthought, be prepared for a very long and overall dull buildup. There’s a lot of talking in the first half of the movie since the bad guys keep flashing back to previous events and plotting their next move. Nobody watches or cares about such things in a Dragonball movie. Once that is over the bad guys create two androids that magically match in power Gohan and Piccolo. Don’t ask why, it was already a stretch to have androids with more power than a Super Saiyan back in the Android Saga. The Red Ribbon can simply collect data and create androids that are as powerful as the current heroes with no cap. Go figure.The fight between the heroes and the new androids is tensionless since nothing feels like it’s at stake. The world doesn’t look like it’s in any danger and even Pan fools around when she gets kidnapped just for motivating her daddy to try harder. The final boss ends up being a buffed up Cell. Don’t get too excited, because he’s in his second form and completely mindless compared to his predecessor. The battle is eventually won with the heroes getting new transformations (Piccolo turns yellowish, Gohan gets longer silver hair for protecting a daughter that was never in any real danger). How unfortunate that they couldn’t do that in previous arcs when the world was in actual danger. It’s not like they were training non-stop since that event; the power ups were done automatically with no training. Then the villains turn allies because it’s a show for kids. As for the power houses of the show, Goku and Vegeta spend the whole movie at Beerus’ place, training along with Broly. And don’t expect something to come out of all that, they are not doing anything and they conveniently never find out about what happens on Earth. Essentially they were filler. Man, can you imagine not finding out about when Frieza attacked? Earth would be gone because they were careless. And that was several arcs ago. Goku and Vegeta are a thousand times more powerful since that time and yet they are less careful. What an amazing character development; they become more and more stupid. Oh, and Broly is now a doormat. A complete soyboy. That pseudo-Cell they were fighting was acting like Broly more than Broly was acting like himself. Here’s the actual problem with the movie. It was made to look like that Dokan gacha game. Its gamers will appreciate it far more than plain watchers. The plot is nothing to bother thinking about, the new power ups are lazy, and there’s not much to get from it besides an excuse for more units in the gacha game. It’s an overall bellow average movie in a franchise that is way beyond its prime and runs purely on milking nostalgia. Said nostalgia won’t even look nice from here on since it won’t even be 2D. Dragonball of today is a mutated zombie that doesn’t resemble the show we all grew up with in the 90s. There is no blood anymore, energy blasts don’t kill anyone anymore, nobody is an angry macho man anymore; they are all friendly soyboys, and now everyone looks like a polygon gacha unit. Fuck that shit.

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