Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly

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Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly

This Dragon Ball Super film is the next story after the currently airing television anime. The story takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the fate of the universe was at stake, and the short rest that follows.

Source: ANN

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D00M5LAY3R's avatar
D00M5LAY3R Jan 29, 2019
Score 9/10

Spectacular indeed ! After the pitiful Battle of Gods, and the eyerolling Resurrection F, Dragon Ball Super finally gives life to the best movie in the Dragon Ball franchise. To say this is surprising is quite an understatement.

I've always been a fan of the original Broly movie and its evil, unredeemable incarnation of the Legendary Super Saiyan. But after seeing Toriyama's canon interpretation, I can... read more

apoc9's avatar
apoc9 Jan 28, 2019
Score 6/10

I wasn't looking forward to this movie at all. After all that travesty Dragon Ball Super left a lot of bitter taste. Not to speak of Dragon Ball movies in general, which were subpar addition to the series, except the Future Trunk movie. However I have to say compared to the old Broly movie, this one is way better in every regard. I would argue it's even better than the Dragon Ball Super itself. You should watch... read more

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