Dr. Stone: New World - Part II

TV (11 eps)
Fall 2023
4.311 out of 5 from 3,797 votes
Rank #149
Dr. Stone: New World - Part II

Continuation of Dr. Stone: New World.

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While part 1 of "The new world" felt rushed and was filled with unrealistic occurrences, part 2 completely revived my hope for Dr.Stone.  ***Warning: this is a review of just part 2 of season 2 (the last 11 episodes) If you want to see my review for just part 1 (which was worse) go here. *** ***Warning: There will be minor spoilers*** This season brought back the more grounded approach.  The good: The flow was much better and the ending didn't feel rushed at all. There are fewer unrealistic occurrences  There are some very cool action packed scenes. I personally found the timed nearly-instantaneous revival and the fight with Ibara very cool. I actually liked the battle much more than the "Dr.Stone: stone wars" fights. As always, the diversity of personalities in the characters, the unique comedy, and the great adventure hit a home run. There is a clear path for the future. The opening and closing songs were great. My gripes: There's still the lingering reminisce  of the all-too-convenient character with selective amnesia and the reminisce of the corny cro$$dressing moment… but nothing too bad.   I didn't like the looming threat of the countless medusa devices still existing. Also, when exactly were they dropped? …And how? Seemed like a bit of a plot hole to me– But that might be cleared up in the future season.  There are few completely unrealistic occurrences like one guy being able to knock down a steel door and the medusa device losing its capabilities at just the wrong time- But there were not as many unrealistic occurrences as the first part of this season. These gripes were relatively minor and didn't spoil the anime for me. Overall, I would give this an 8/10. It’s worth watching the 1st part of the season, which wasnt as good, to get to this great continuation.

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