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This was the most unrealistic and rushed part of this series.  ***Warning: this is a review of just part 1 of season 2 (the first 11 episodes)*** ***Warning: There will be minor spoilers*** I want to preface this review by saying that I am a huge fan of Dr.Stone. I just think this was the worst part of the series- so far.  The good: Of course, I like the diversity of characters and the unique world building.  I like the comedy and the adventure that Dr.Stone always delivers on. I liked the song during the ending credits a lot. I also want to note that some of the backstories are well done- just a little too convenient.  Here are my legitimate gripes: The beginning is very rushed– I mean more rushed than usual. Time passes very fast. Climatic seasons are jumbled. At times they jump from spring to summer and then fall to winter in nearly a blink of an eye for the sole purpose of showcasing moments and results of their efforts. I actually wouldn’t have minded this development being much more drawn out and just giving this section a different name other than “the new world.” They don’t take the proper time to break down inventions and sometimes it feels like they are pulled out of their a$$. Examples include: the lab equipment for platinum, the timed camera, the oneway bluetooth, a car that can float and go uphill, pepper spray, etc etc.  They “wrote in” a certain character who just so happened to be picked for the crew, and just so happened to know the way to the island and what it looked like, and just so happened to know some of the layout, and  just so happened to be a crucial member of the island population (I’m not trying to spoil too much). I think you get the point… He has selective amnesia that pushes the story along in a very convenient manner. I think they could have easily used deduction and could have relied on trial and error to pin down the island instead- then introduce a similar character later on. There’s a cro$$dressing theme going on toward the end of this story that felt cheap and unnecessary. They could have easily used the two females instead. It was almost as if they were pandering to the low-brow humor crowd.  The use of money, which was introduced in the movie Ryuusui, was mentioned but not emphasized at all. You don’t really see the difference in the flow of economics and you don’t see stores or the exchanging of currency. I thought that that was one of the coolest additions in Dr.Stone. It felt like a wasted opportunity. The time at sea was very anticlimactic. It only lasted a brief time and they encountered nearly no issues. I can and have dealt with a lot of unrealistic occurrences with this anime in the past. I know the premise of the anime is ridiculous and I have accepted it as a more sci-fi fantasy adventure with comedy more than anything else… But let’s face it, this particular section of the anime takes the unrealistic occurrences too far.  I’m ok with things like the wild boar that they captured which just so happened to be the key to finding an important material. I’m ok with the fact that the reporter just so happened to be storing extra de-petrification fluid. I’m ok with the unrealistic gathering and accurate placement of the broken stone statues. But come on, at some point there has to be a limitation to how many coincidences occur. I just think I hit my limit with the introduction of the extra-convenient character. Anyway, the various gripes that I had with this part didn’t completely spoil the anime. Overall, I would give it a 6/10. It’s still worth watching. Just know that it is rushed and full of an abnormal amount of coincidences. Hopefully the next part of this season is much better. Edit: Part 2 of this season is much better. Here is my review for that one.  It's worth getting through part 1 to see part 2. 


"Dr. Stone: New World" continues the enthralling saga of "Dr. Stone," diving deeper into the adventures of Senku Ishigami and his companions as they use the power of science to rebuild civilization in a petrified world. This season focuses on expanding their scientific achievements and exploring new territories, aiming to fulfill the ambitious goal of global communication through the creation of a "Stone World" internet. While maintaining the series' unique blend of education, adventure, and humor, this chapter has received a rating that suggests a mix of appreciation for its continued innovation and areas where viewers hoped for more in terms of pacing, character development, and narrative execution. Highlights Scientific Exploration and Education: "Dr. Stone: New World" excels in its educational content, presenting complex scientific concepts and inventions in an engaging and accessible manner. The series continues to inspire with its portrayal of problem-solving through science, making it both entertaining and informative. World Expansion and New Challenges: This season broadens the scope of the story, introducing new characters, societies, and challenges that enrich the "Stone World." The exploration of uncharted territories and the introduction of fresh antagonists and allies keep the narrative dynamic and intriguing. Areas for Refinement Character Depth and Development: While the series introduces new characters, there's a sentiment that not all receive adequate development or backstory, leaving some potentially interesting figures feeling underexplored. This can impact the emotional depth and viewer connection to the expanding cast. Pacing and Narrative Focus: Some viewers have noted pacing issues, with certain segments of the story feeling rushed or others lacking in significant progression. Balancing the educational aspects with the pace of the narrative presents a challenge, occasionally affecting the storytelling flow and viewer engagement. Uncharted Territories Innovation vs. Repetition: As "Dr. Stone" progresses, there's a fine line between showcasing the innovative application of scientific principles and falling into repetitive patterns with problem resolution. Ensuring that each new invention or scientific breakthrough feels impactful without becoming formulaic is crucial for maintaining suspense and interest. Complexity of Antagonistic Forces: The series has the opportunity to delve deeper into the motivations and complexities of its antagonists. Fleshing out these characters could provide a richer narrative landscape, heightening the stakes and moral dilemmas faced by Senku and his allies. Conclusion "Dr. Stone: New World" carries forward the series' legacy of blending science with storytelling in a post-apocalyptic setting, offering viewers a unique mix of education, adventure, and humor. Despite facing challenges in character development and pacing, the season succeeds in expanding the world of "Dr. Stone," introducing new scientific challenges and societal interactions that reflect the series' core themes of innovation and unity. As it navigates the complexities of rebuilding civilization, "Dr. Stone: New World" remains a testament to the power of human knowledge and ingenuity, even as it explores how this journey unfolds in the vast, uncharted territories of the Stone World.

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