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OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
2.987 out of 5 from 85 votes
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Download: Namu Amida Butsu wa Ai no Uta

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GOD series no.5 (Good ol’ times) Ah… the time of OVAs… what a time that was, when creativity, experimentation and wackiness was the name of the game, not fan service and sure to succeed same shit. This is a nice little gem, lost in time, forgotten by all even though it was made by MADHOUSE. Unfortunately way too many OVAs suffer the same fate, even though some of them definitely don’t deserve it. 50 minutes, why 50 minutes? Is it a movie? Is it a short movie? Is it a big episode? wtf is it? It’s a 90’s OVA my dudes, it didn’t have to cater to TV airing times and channels, they creators had a story good enough for X minutes, then X minutes it was made into, they didn’t have to prolong it or cut it short. Likewise they didn’t find an audience, and then made a show for that audience, they just made something and then let it finds its audience. That might seem trivial to some, but its the plague of entertainment for a while now… Anyway enough of my rumbling, story is not amazing, but its good enough, it’s like a GITS bootleg, there is a computer virus killing people, and our young protagonist tries to save the day. You know, simple as that, except… said protagonist is a bootleg monk, he is a womanizer wannabe, he is goofy yet somehow very capable and most importantly quite lovable. There is also a criminally hot babe, a gang of bikers, hacking, some punches, some explosions and a bunch of loosely connected entertaining ideas and moments that although may not be deeply and thoroughly explored, still end being quite enjoyable. Characters are you know, what you expect them to be in a 50 minute OVA, no actual progression, but still, there are some nice turnarounds. The monk, the hot babe, the bikers, they are all cool and lovable even if they are nothing more than that, but the thing is, they don’t try to be anything more than that. Animation is great, not the highest of production values, but still got the best out of what they had, the feeling is great, color scheme is great. Sadly the quality where I found it was atrocious, still you could see the old school goodness and I can only imagine how great it would look if the quality was amazing. Some nice cinematography as well at times, some nice shots, angles etc. Common stuff in the 90’s OVAs. Music is great, as a typical characteristic of the 90’s OVAs it is totally wacky and something you 100% don’t expect to listen to before you start watching the anime. Voice acting is surprisingly good. So, is it worth a watch? Yup, it most definitely is. It is, wacky, funny at times, lovable, and while the plot is kinda loose and naive, it gets the job done and will most likely keep you entertained for 50 minutes, and that’s more than what modern series manage to do nowadays.

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