Doujin Work

TV (12 eps x 14 min)
3.363 out of 5 from 2,409 votes
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Najimi Osana's goal is to make a fortune in life, but in reality, she hasn't been having much success in her job. Tsuyuri, a doujin artist and a friend of Najimi, takes her to a convention to help her sell her doujin; and after learning that her childhood friend Justice is a very successful doujin artist, Najimi declares that she will make her fortune by creating doujins of her own. However, Najimi has never created anything close to a doujin before, and will struggle through many difficulties. Together with Tsuyuri, Justice, and Sora, they will work together for Najimi’s sake to gain fame and fortune in the doujin market.

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Doujin Work is a very short anime that I watched one day out of curiosity and boredom. I finished it in one evening and seemed to fully enjoy it. Doujin Work is about a young girl, Najimi Osana, who becomes interested in doujinshi because her friends make a lot of money from conventions. She loves to draw, but learns quickly that doujin is not an easy task. Through attending more conventions and working to create something that will make her some quick cash, Najimi settles in to a small group of friends who help her so that she can make a name for herself in the doujinshi field. This anime is VERY short. If you aren't the type for short series, then I suggest you find something elsewhere. However, while Doujin Work is short, the anime is enjoyable. I must admit that it wasn't perfect. The character relationships are fairly over-used, but the concept was something I hadn't encountered before this. I compare it to Comic Party, except a R+ version. Osana and her friends go to conventions for their lively profits. The anime is pretty comedic throughout. This said, I believe Doujin Work is worth at least looking at. While the anime lacks a few things (longer episodes, more content, more in-depth relationships between the characters), it manages to leave a mark. I can definitely see it's re-watch value increasing due to the short episodes (they're only fourteen minutes each). The anime (Like Bakugan, but for doujin rather than mainstream manga) gives an insight to how the convention-selling life works. I think this is a good opportunity for anyone seeking some anime-ish advice on starting their own line of doujinshi. Unfortunately, I can't describe why Doujin Work leaves a mark on me. I suppose, in my opinion, it's funny and refreshing. I mean, not all anime have to be 25-50 episodes long right? I'd definitely recommend this anime to anyone who is interested in the doujinshi field and wants a few good laughs. While it's true that I gave this anime a 4/10, someone else might have given it more. Please don't let the low rating defer you from the anime. 

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