TV (11 eps x 4 min)
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The day to day events of the the school's culture club and the shenanigans they get into.

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This anime is really good. The story is a comedic masterpiece, and in addition, highly educational. From nowhere else did I learn as much about kamaboko, toothpicks, and the bludgeoning of a frog, and for that I am very grateful to this anime. The animation is out of this world realistic I must say. The majority of shots in the show are almost lifelike, as though the very scenery being shown was photographed in real life. The artists are obviously very skilled. The soundtrack is epic. Emotional connection on a great level took place between me and the music in the background. I almost cried because of how touching the music is, but at the same time very much in a happy mood for the joyous air it brings. Characters are pretty great. Frog is a good character. Sometimes life beats you up and your head falls off, but you have a human head under the amphibious facade to reassure you that you are indeed not a frog. I’m a little sorrowful that it took Frog to teach me this lesson, though if not he, who else? Kamaboko Wizard and Glass Uncle are pretty sick as well. As stated at the top, I learned a lot about Kamaboko, and only through the influence and appearance of Kamaboko Wizard was I able to understand the true value and glory of Kamaboko and the vessels on which it lay. Glass Uncle looked a bit tired during his segment, but thats to be expected when you have to sit through a conversation you can’t contribute to. Overall this is a 10/10. It is very well made and skillfully crafted. I really enjoyed it and I hope the same of yourself.

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