Dou Po Cangqiong 3rd Season

Alt title: Battle Through the Heavens 3rd Season

Web (12 eps x 23 min)
4.146 out of 5 from 435 votes
Rank #451
Dou Po Cangqiong 3rd Season

The third season of Dou Po Cangqiong.

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Like I said the previous reviews of the series covers about a 100 chapters, this season really doesn't follow the light novel in any sense of the word. he doesn't dress up as snake lady. He doesn't fight them in the temple because he doesn't find the temple until they feel the true flame and the temple is outside the city not in the middle of the city. In the light novel he was captured by Medusa and her guards and in she taunts him and makes an innuendo to use him as a sex toy which did not happen he sees Medusa nude which also didn't happen but I can understand why. Nobody from gu he's team died, And the snake race is a matriarchy they wouldn't have a male leader of any of the tribes. Also most the tribe leaders were coming for conference anyway so the priest wouldn't have anything to do , plus there was no priest who called the leaders in the light novel. I also dislike how xiao yan is the butt of jokes and hes not doing anything boss like. And for being the green lotus core with green fire it seems to a quite BLUE. He also never initiated any romantic feelings to anyone but a certain lady, not Yan Yan. Ok so ep. 8 they changed the color to a greenish-blue but now the master has an issue with keeping his form basically usinig energy in general, no that isn't the reason for his "slumber". Yeah buddist flower was the reason for the slumber not death of his master and mo cheng died at his birthday party in front of hundreds of guests, while nalan's bodyguard tried to.protect him and saw xiao yans face. The flower was used against a massive snake that was the partner of the lady who took quing. This did not follow the light novel at all I'd say it used it as a framework but that's like saying a chicken skeleton is the framework for a T-rex. This isn't really gonna have spoilers but does read at your own risk in case I do spoil something for you. Pros: Pretty funny, Well drawn animations and kickass sounds. Cons: It needed more story. A very confusing mess of random information and animation, then put together in some weird ass situation. I would like a little bit more story to my beat Em UPS, not a superstore guy but I do tend to look at if the information makes sense and this Does not. I can't say I don't recommend it it's a good 40 ish minutes to watch it's not that long it's pretty enjoyable to just turn your brain off and watch this animation with a few chuckles here and there again like my higher-tiered score says the 6, a solid 6. Recommendation: yes

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